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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Infinity Jars Storage Container Review

Infinity Jars sells a very popular line of high performance storage containers for cooking ingredients, dried herbs, bitters, tea, coffee, cosmetics, nuts, oils, etc. They are airtight and light optimized, meaning they block out visible light that degrades organic goods. The result is they keep goods fresh for an extremely long time!
I was recently sent one of the Infinity Jars for review. I specifically got their 500 ml screw top jar. In addition to the jar, the shipping package included a cleaning cloth and a couple labels, so you can label the jar. Yes, the cleaning cloth is actually labeled as such. At first I thought it was just protective packing material to make sure the jar didn't break. And, while it might help there, its purpose is to help you remove fingerprints from the outside of the jar, and boy does the jar attract those.
Why did I want the 500 ml jar? I was looking for something to hold a pound of nuts. I like to munch on pistachios and cashews, but once I open the bag, they don't stay as fresh for long. Also, they tend to fall out of the bag if I rip it too much. Sometimes I transfer them to a zippered baggie but I never felt that was the best option.
First off, the 500 ml jar easily fits a pound of pistachio nuts with room to spare. I'll have to see how it handles a pound of cashews, but I didn't have any cashews around to test with. I've been eating the pistachios on and off for a week now and they still taste as fresh as when I first opened the bag. The jar does slow me down a little from eating so many as I can't grab a full handful as I can in the bag, but I view that as a positive.
Infinity Jars offers over 30 different styles. I count more but some are just different tops, like a spray bottle and a non-spray bottle. I like their apothecary jars which would clearly be a case where the labels would be absolutely necessary. You don't want to have to open them to see what's inside as the jars are opaque. These would be great at keeping dried herbs usable longer, too. Overall, a great addition to most kitchens if you don't mind the solid black design of them.

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  1. I have never heard of Infinity Jars They have so many to choose from.