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Friday, December 23, 2016

How Video Conferencing Has Revolutionized Business Interactions

Businesses have their own set of tools just like any trade. Whether you’re a carpenter with a hammer and nails, or a corporate executive with an email inbox and expense spreadsheets, matching the tool to the job is what creates success or failure in a business. Video conferencing is one such tool that has become increasingly popular in everyday business interactions. This is especially true given how accessible, affordable, and scaleable the technology has become recently. Email is all well and good, but if you’re trying to truly look ahead and make wise investments for the future, it’s all about video and bandwidth. Here are a few reasons why video conferencing has revolutionized the way that business colleagues interact.

1. Giving Workers What They Want
While telecommuting has always been a popular choice amongst the workforce, it has traditionally had restrictions. Managing remote workers or allowing people to work from home has always been difficult to effectively monitor, especially if you’re only communicating via email and telephone. However, video has changed all of that, allowing staff to check in at different points over the course of the day, and even participate in meetings on camera. Not only does this allow flexibility and better managerial oversight for supervisors, but it can also improve company morale. According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics, as of January 2016, between 80 to 90 percent of the American workforce reports that they would like to work via telecommuting at least part time.

There’s always a balance between following protocol and managing employee behavior, and using morale-boosting tactics to improve productivity and creativity. Allowing staff to work part time via video shouldn’t necessarily be an option for everyone, but can be extremely useful for excellent workers who may have young children at home or excessively long commutes. If allowing someone to telework means it can reduce stress levels brought on by things out of their control, this can work to your advantage. Improving a team member’s quality of life is a boon to your company overall.

2. Broadcasting Your Message Far and Wide
Every business wants to be an industry leader and tastemaker within their field, but that takes strategy and planning. Usually, a widely visible venue for discussion and presentation of concepts comes at industry conferences or professional associations. This is no longer the case, though, with the advent of corporate cloud videocasting. Given that there are so many platforms today to spread your message wide and far, using video conferencing to access and hold the attention of hundreds of colleagues live means that you can establish yourself as an industry giant without the necessity of a particular setting. Videocasting is one of the most cutting edge features of video technology and can go a long ways in establishing your business as a steward of industry standards and innovation.

3. Connecting Directly with Influencers
One of the most popular ways to distinguish yourself in the business world is to connect with and be held in high regard by influencers. Voices that are widely read and heeded are key to the success of a growing company. It’s always a challenge to connect with them, though, given that so many colleagues are vying for their attention. Video can provide a solution. Tweak Your Biz advises that one of the best ways to foster the growth of a small business is to connect with influencers and other colleagues, and that’s easier than ever now that video conferencing is accessible to everyone. Scheduling a Q&A or a request for a meeting with an important figure in your field is much more effective than sending an email. Emails get lost in overflowing inboxes, whereas if you can connect with an industry influencer, and then follow up with a request for a video interaction, he or she will be much more likely to respond. It’s a surefire tactic to at least catch the attention of someone whose presence in a particular industry is in high demand. However, connecting is only the first step. Getting a foot in the door doesn’t mean guaranteed recognition, but if the person to whom you’re connecting likes your philosophies and engages in a meaningful dialogue, they will undoubtedly mention your name and get the word out.

Business communication is one of the most important parts of how successful a company is and how effectively goals are met. Your success and growth often depends on client relationships, and prioritizing how you interact with customers is the best way to ensure prosperity. Video has grown to be popular for more reasons than just the practical ones, though. Being on camera adds an extra layer of personability that email inherently lacks by putting a face to messages and interactions. Adding an individual touch to meetings and business dealings makes both clients and colleagues feel more connected to one another. In an age where business travel is often frowned upon, video is the perfect option to recapture all the things meeting in-person is capable of accomplishing, without the traditional expense, just be sure to have a good set of headphones.
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