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Friday, December 2, 2016

How OurPact Can Help You Master Digital Parenting

Have you ever heard of ‘OurPact’?

If you haven’t, drop what you’re doing, and read the rest of this post. If you have children who live with their phones/tablets, believe me, you won’t regret it.

OurPact is the future of parenting. It’s the end of screen time wars, and the start of distraction-free family meals. It’s simple, it’s easy… And it’s a total life changer.

How OurPact Works

Parents sign up for an account at OurPact’s website. (You can also download the free OurPact app in the App Store and sign up there if you use an iOS device.)

After signing up, you then navigate to on any iOS or Android device you want to manage, and follow the (very easy) prompts.

This is when the magic happens…
Once you pair your child’s device to your OurPact account, you can then manage their access to Internet and apps at a touch, from anywhere, at any time.

At-a-Touch Blocking

Using this feature, parents can select a period of time to block access to internet and apps on kid devices, whether for 15 minutes or three hours. This feature is great for limiting internet and app access instantly for:
  • Family Meals 
  • Study Time 
  • Family Gatherings 
  • To get your kid to take the trash out! ;) 

Automated Schedules

In the parent app, you can set up schedules of recurring times that your child’s device will enter a blocked state, without any action required on your end. This is great for:
  • Bedtime 
  • School 
  • Church 
  • Weekly Family Unplugged Time 
Ever since I started using the app, I’ve noticed a dramatic change in my family’s dynamic. There are no more fights about screen time or catching my kid playing Minecraft past lights out… Now, devices aren’t just my kid's friend, but mine too!

Learn more or sign up by clicking the banner below! (Did I mention it’s free?)

*Read my Disclosure


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