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Monday, November 21, 2016

Chef Remi Kitchen Shears Review and Giveaway

First, the giveaway. Chef Remi has a weekly giveaway going on. This week for seven straight days, you can be one of seven winners of a 3 pack of grill mats. No purchase necessary. US residents only. Runs through Thanksgiving.

Totally unrelated to their weekly giveaway, I recently had the chance to try out the kitchen shears from Chef Remi. You can get them for $14.95 at Amazon

Most people I know keep a couple of pairs of scissors in their kitchen. One to cut stuff like paper and for opening boxes while the other pair is for cutting food. The paper cutting one might be a little dull, but you definitely want something sharp on the food side. By cutting food, we're talking about tasks like cutting a whole raw chicken in half, cutting up herbs, or perhaps trimming the fat off some meat. All those tasks can certainly be done with the right knife, but sometimes it is just easier or quicker or better to do the job with scissors, or more appropriately called shears. Or, you just might not have the right knife. It is certainly cheaper to have/use a set of shears than to have a full set of chef's knives.
While you frequently hear about how great a good set of kitchen shears are at splitting a bird, it isn't a task you do that frequently. I more common task I do that I feel shears are better at is chopping up herbs. While, yes, this is a task you can easily do with a utility knife, too, I found the knife might bruise the herbs or I just didn't cut all the way through them. A good set of shears will deliver clean cuts that you can quickly garnish your food with.

Getting away from the why to use shears, what do I think about the set from Chef Remi? They feel comfortable in my hand. They feel a little heavier than your typical scissors. They're sharp as hell. While herbs are easy to cut through, you want the extra sharpness to give you a clean cut. Meat is even easier to cut through. Forget to defrost your ground beef? You can use the shears to quickly break the frozen block down into smaller chucks to defrost more quickly.

Once you own a good pair of kitchen shears, you quickly realize all the different other things you can do with them that you previously had special kitchen tools for. Pizza cutter dirty in the sink? Use your kitchen shears instead. Cut up a can of pineapple rings into smaller pieces, while still in the can (just use the one blade side). Trim a quesadilla into wedges, and a favorite of mine, split whole chicken wings into their parts to then cook up buffalo wings.

Two last great things about them... they're dishwasher safe and there is a nut cracker in the handle. You can also use the nut cracker to help you open tight bottles/jars.

Great gift to give the new home owner, too.

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