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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

iClever BoostCare Kid's Bat Headphones Review and Discount

Hearing is an important thing to protect. Listening to music is something many people enjoy. Listen with the volume too loud and that can damage someone's hearing permanently. Many devices you get nowadays come with ear buds. These can be very dangerous as they typically do not limit the output volume of a device. 

Thankfully, there are headphones available nowadays that can help protect the listener's hearing. Instead of relying on warning prompts from some devices that ask if you're sure you really want to turn the volume too loud, headphones will restrict the output to a safe decibel level. For children, a safe listening level is considered 85 db. 

I've seen several headphones with this kid-safe volume limiting technology. The headphones work fine and look normal. iClever has taken this to a new level by making the headphones look better, making sure kids are actually more likely to use them. You might have seen their headphones available in headphones giveaway that ends 10/27. I had the chance to try them out myself, too.
First off, they don't fit me. They're kid size. They only expand to a certain level. Secondly, they really work. I blasted Spotify at max volume. With regular headphones, the music plays extremely loud and distorted. However, with the iClever BoostCare set, the volume is limited and doesn't play at the max level. Your kid's hearing is protected.

I've always liked the volume limiting headsets for kids. The bat wings on this set make them more kid friendly where they'll be more likely to be worn. Great idea to make them more appealing.

The headphones cost $15.99 at Amazon. In fact, you can actually get them for just $11.99 as they're running a special if you use code 9KFJDEEC.

These make great holiday gifts. Besides the bat wins, there are cat ears and reindeer antlers, too.

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