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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Angel Crafts Heat Transfer Sheets Review

I like to think of myself as a bit of a DIYer / crafter. I don't do it much but I've made some of our home decorations, I've reupholstered some chairs, and I've made various other projects. One thing I have not tried to do until now was customize some clothing. I recently had the chance to try out some vinyl heat transfer sheets to try out the latter.

Heat transfer sheets are basically iron on sheets. You cut the design you want, iron it on, peal off a clear liner, and you have a personalized shirt. Give yourself about an hour or two to do it right. The simpler the design, the quicker the process. If you want a really complex design, it could take much longer, unless you have a smart cutting machine like a Cricut.

To get started, you need a stencil to put on your shirt/clothing. This time of year, that shouldn't be a problem as you'll find many for pumpkins. I printed mine out on some hard photo paper, then cut it out.
I then traced out the pattern on the BACK of the vinyl sheet, and cut it out there. This is trickier than it sounds. You basically need to make sure the pattern looks right on the glossy side, so you have to cut out the mirror image on the back, matte side.
You next put the pattern on your shirt and cover it with parchment paper. Then run the iron over the pattern, pressing down on the iron, not pushing it back and forth. Do this for about 20-25 seconds over each section until you've heated up the entire transfer sheet pattern.
At this point, the pattern cut from the vinyl sheet should be stuck to the material. It will look very shiny. You're almost done.
The final step is to peel off that glossy, clear liner. You can do it while still hot or you can wait until things have cooled down.
Your shirt is then done and ready to be worn. Don't wash it for 24 hours though and wash it inside out when you do.

The direct transfer sheets work great. There are sixteen 10" x 12" sheets of different colors in the pack for $40. My only complaint while using them is the process to cut out the pattern and to make sure I cut it in the right direction. If I had something like the Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine pictured above, it would go a whole lot quicker and easier.
Now that I've made a Harry Potter (the HP in the shirt I made) for my son... I'll have to see what to make next. It is certainly easier to order a custom shirt online. It is much more fun to create it yourself.

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  1. This product is just what I'm looking for. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I like these. It is cheaper to buy a plain T Shirt and put what you want on it.