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Monday, October 3, 2016

1byone Rechargeable Table Lamp Review

Once upon a time, if you wanted bedside lighting you needed a somewhat large lamp that accepted an incandescent light bulb. Thanks to the phasing out of the old-fashioned bulbs, you can no longer depict someone with a bright idea over their head with a bulb, but more importantly, there have been lots of alternatives introduced for lighting. Many options replace the bulbs in an existing lamp with additional features like adding a Bluetooth speaker or being controllable from an app on your phone. The bedside touch lamp from 1byone provides a fresh start

In my son's room, he has an overhead light and that is all. At bedtime, he might turn the light off, or more frequently than not, he falls asleep with the light on or calls me to turn it off for him so he doesn't need to get out of bed. Bring on the need for a lamp for his nightstand. This 1byone rechargeable table lamp provides an alternative. Instead of having to get up to turn light out when he's ready for bed, he can use this lamp. It provides enough light for him to do his late night reading and he can now just reach over and turn off the lamp when he's ready for bed.

The lamp goes beyond the simple on and off nature of a normal bedside lamp. First off, it is dimmable. Instead of just one brightness level, there are three. Second, it has a touch sensor. Instead of having to find a knob to turn it on or off, you just have to touch the top and you can cycle through the brightness levels and turn it off. Third, it doesn't just offer white lighting. It cycles through some colors to give you some mood lighting.

One of my favorite parts of the light is it is rechargeable. Instead of having to just plug the light in and leave it in one place, once it is charged you can either move it onto the bed or under a blanket or any of numerous other possibilities. You can pretty much take it anywhere. On the lowest brightness setting, you get about 10 hours of battery life. on the brightest, about 2-3. And, of course, no need to change the bulb, at least for 35,000 hours.

Overall, this is a great rechargeable table lamp option for a child for their bedroom, which is our purpose. However, you can also use it in other rooms, too. At just $25.99, you shouldn't be disappointed.

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  1. I like that this rechargeable table lamp is dimmable, and that it has a touch sensor.

  2. Looks like a great light. I might have to get me one.