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Thursday, October 27, 2016

1byone Fog Machine Review

Halloween is quickly approaching. There is still time to get that important accessory for the day, a fog machine. Just add the appropriate juice, turn the machine on, and it spits out lots and lots of fog, to help create the perfect ambiance for the day, and night. Thanks to the folks at 1byone, I got to try out theirs, just in the nick of time.
We're planning on putting the machine to the side of the front door, so when the kid's approach for trick or treating, they'll be faced with a wall of fog. Of course, we have to be careful that it isn't too bad that they trip up the single step that is there.
To get started with a fog machine, you need a fog solution. You can either buy it along with the machine, or make your own fog solution. It is just distilled water and glycerine. The difference between buying and making is the thickness of the fog and hang time. You can pick what you want and buy your exact requirements or check different recipes that give you the desired thickness. If you're planning on using the machine with some animatronics, you'll typically want a thicker fog than this. But, for just some ground coverage, this is the right amount.

Setup of the 1byone fog machine is easy. Out of the box, you have to attach the handle. The remote control is wired to the device and plugs into the back. It is not a wireless remote. A disappointment, but for $35, you get a wired remote. Then you pour in the solution and plug in the machine. The machine only needs a couple of minutes to warm up before the smoke starts to come out. It will come out for a few seconds then pause before coming out again. The remote is just an on/off switch, and does not control the amount of smoke that comes out. The machine spits out the smoke about 5-6 feet and has a 900 ml tank (the bottle is 1,000 ml). You'll get a good level of smoke coverage for Halloween or an outdoor party, and the bottle will probably last about two parties worth, though it really depends on how long you run machine. Wish I got one of these sooner. Beware if you stop by our home for treats this Halloween.

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  1. We use to own a fog machine and it was so cool. We only used it for Halloween though. This sounds like a good one.