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Monday, September 5, 2016

Joci Swimming Goggles Review

I recently had the chance to try out some swimming goggles from Joci. I've reviewed many over the years. These are one of the few that offer clear visibility when underwater, not hindered by the goggles. No need for a full mask with these. At times you can't tell they are on since you can see so clearly with them and they are very lightweight. The goggles fit great and are easy to put on. The look on them is slightly different than many of the other goggles you may have tried.

It comes with a storage case that is just okay, but you're not buying these for the storage case. I've never seen a need for the hard case that many swimming goggles come with. The case does help prevent them from being scratched.
The goggles come in both a black and blue style that I prefer but are also available in black and brown. They don't fog up and there is a slight tint for when out in sun. The goggles are priced competitively at just $13 and fit from child all the way up to adult.

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  1. I prefer Black, & would love a pair of them.

  2. I like these, they would be a perfect gift for a year end or vacation trip for my Grandkids. Thanks for the review.

  3. I like that they don't fog up, my worst pet peeve with goggles and the added tint in the sun is a nice addition too.

  4. These look like good googles. It's nice that they don't fog up.