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Saturday, September 24, 2016

IU Emoji Poop Emoji Pillow Review

Go to any mall and you're bound to see a cart of emoji pillows for sale. Typically, you see the familiar yellow, smiley face emoji, or perhaps a different face on the same round yellow pillow. A favorite one of my nine-year old son is the poop emoji shown above. I had the chance to try out the brown poop IU Emoji Pillow, or at least my son did.
If you're into the poop emojis, you aren't limited to just plain old brown. You can also get a purple one that looks like a queen, a pink one that looks like a queen, or a brown one with a pink bow, so the girls don't feel left out having plain brown poop.
Besides the more regular looking round yellow pillows with faces on them, the IU Emoji Pillow is also available in some animal forms, too, specifically a dog and a pig.
The pillows sell for $29.99. But... the IU Emoji Pillow isn't just a pillow. It is actually a convertible 3-in-1 pillow.
It comes with straps, so can be a backpack. There isn't that much space inside though.
Pull out the inside of the backpack, and you have a comfortable travel pillow, emblazened with your emoji logo.
Perhaps the best use of the pillow is as a tablet holder. It can fit either an 8 inch or 10 inch tablet. When the pillow is holding the tablet, you can place it on your bed and angle the tablet for watching videos without having to hold the tablet/pillow.

I like the multi-function nature of the pillow besides just being a pillow. My son (and wife) love the poop nature of the pillow though they'd probably react the same way to the dog one, too. It is fairly comfortable as a pillow, works well as a tablet holder and neck pillow. I just don't think we'll use it much for a backpack. Greet present for the holidays if you're thinking of filling out your Christmas list early.

If you decide to purchase an IU Emoji Pillow for yourself, the company does offer free shipping. So, the $29.99 is the price straight to your door.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions stated are my own and may differ from yours. See my disclosure policy for more information.


  1. My Grandson loves these. I got hin one of the yellow face ones not the poop.