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Monday, July 4, 2016

Walking with the Telepathy Walker

With autonomous cars and Telepathy Walker finally here, The Jetsons may be closer than you think. Just bring on Rosie. If you’re not familiar with Telepathy Walker, it provides smart eyewear for hands free navigation with a sunlight proof display and an intuitive user interface.

The Telepathy Walker will start with navigation and local discovery apps. There will also be an app marketplace for you to easily download and expand upon what you can do with the smart glass or upload and sell your own creations. Even more reasons to get started early if you’re planning on being on the developer side.

The eyepiece is handsfree, just unfold and place on your head in front of an eye, then off you go. Using the navigation app, you’ll get directions while on the go, even if you’re hands are full. No more stopping and asking for directions thanks to the Telepathy Walker headset. From there, that’s where the add-on apps come into play once available.

Starting off on Kickstarter, the Telepathy Japan campaign offered the Telepathy Walker device purchases as low as $299 for a developer version. Post Kickstarter, the consumer headset now goes for $699. In addition to the device, you get a charger, charging cable, and head mount, plus of course all the available apps.

To learn more, check out their getting to know you video.

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