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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Japan Funbox Subscription Box Review

Japan Funbox Subscription Box Review
I love trying out Asian candy, especially from Japan. I recently had the chance to try out the Japanese Candy Box - Japan Funbox subscription box. It comes in three sizes ranging in price from $14.99 / month to $49.99 / month, which includes free shipping worldwide.
The box I tried out is their mini, which offers 5-7 items for review. Their mid-size one has 15-20, while their largest has 25-30. This month's box had six:
As the labels are mostly in Japanese, one of the most important things you get with the box is a sheet with a description of all the items:
The mini-box is described in the first column. You do get to see with the next size up gets, too, which looks like it had some interesting items in.

The six items I received in this month's box were the following:
  1. a standard bar of milk chocolate with biscuit, nothing fancy here.
  2. some pizza flavored potato chips, very tasty, I'd eat again
  3. some tomato flavored pretzel sticks, a favorite of my son who loves ketchup
  4. some plum flavored pop rocks, distinctively Japanese, I've had these before and they are horrible
  5. some life-savers like candy that whistles when you suck on them, grape flavored. Described accurately as "makes kids happy but their parents angry".
  6. a fruit-rollup like candy with a powdery filling inside. Interesting is the best I can do to describe this one. Probably would get again.
I love these candy subscription boxes. I'd be inclined to get a larger box if I were to get for myself versus sent one for review. If you like trying new and interesting candies, this is definitely one to try out. I just wish it arrived more quickly after the initial order. If you get a multi-month subscription though, you don't notice the delay as once the subscription starts, it is a 30-ish day period between boxes. Great gift for someone with a sweet tooth who you don't know what to get.
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