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Monday, July 4, 2016

Great Gadgets to Get in 2016

Each year sees an incredible range of gadgets delivering us increased ease, power and ability to do a number of tasks ranging from gaming to photography and even experiences of artificial realities.

As ever it’s our smartphones that manage to deliver the most compact way to do a range of powerful tasks. Perhaps the biggest release so far of 2016 has been the Samsung Galaxy S7 that became a huge hit thanks to its incredible processing power, deluxe Super AMOLED display and waterproof features that enabled it help you take an underwater selfie!

Another impressive smartphone was the LG G5. This ushered in a new modular approach to smartphones as it is capable of being simply upgraded with an array of extra components such as speakers so that gamers can enjoy gaming with an unprecedented degree of realism.

It’s the gaming domain that’s really helped advance mobile’s functionality with slick titles like Alto’s Adventure calling for increased screen resolution and touchscreen flexibility. And the games at the Mr Smith Casino site have also added to the need for greater mobile innovation by granting us the chance to play slots games that are a bit like flying a drone thanks to the slick gameplay and luxurious graphics.

But for a real taste of drone innovation, then there’s been a marked increase in the range of consumer-friendly drones on offer in 2016. One of the most eye-catching has to be Xiaomi’s incredibly cheap drone that comes equipped with a 4K camera proving capable of taking some seriously impressive aerial photographs.

It’s not just in the skies where we’ve seen some impressive gadgets in 2016, as the wearables market continues to give tech manufacturers hope for improved revenues. After the release of the Apple Watch last year, wearables have been booming and this trend looks to continue with many fitness fans quick to snap up the helpful devices. And with the release of the Zenta wrist-wearable, we can track our mental faculties with increased ease and precision too!

However, perhaps the ultimate plaything for gadgets fans in 2016 looks to be the virtual reality headsets. Already we’ve seen Oculus Rift and HTC Vive delivering impressive zero-latency headsets, and with the eventual arrival of the PlayStation VR later this fall, we could be enjoying those online slots gaming with an ever-increasing sense of immersion in 2016.
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