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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Eating Right for Two With Gestational Diabetes

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You may be constantly dreaming of the day when you’ll hold your unborn baby in your arms. However, if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you’ll need to come back to reality to make some changes to your diet. Not very many things are as perplexing or frustrating as the gestational diabetes diet. After all, you’re accustomed to eating what you like whenever you want. Since the changes that need to be made will affect every aspect of you and your unborn child’s health, here are some pointers that can help to make things easier.

Don’t Lose Sight of the Big Picture
It’s a lot of information to take in and if you are not careful, you may find yourself feeling completely overwhelmed by the situation. You need to remember that you are doing this to protect you and your baby’s health. Gestational diabetes is no laughing matter. You may think that being at risk for having a slightly larger baby is nothing to worry about, but there are some serious and potentially life-threating complications that can occur if you don’t get your blood sugar under control. Keep sight of the goal so you will persevere.

Pay Close Attention
Depending on your situation, you may feel inclined to cheat every now and then on your new diet, don’t. Blood sugar spikes even when they are under the norm can be just as bad as having high blood glucose levels. Closely monitor your eating habits and the foods you are eating, down to their exact carbohydrate content. Since you may feel hungrier than usual, you’ll need to resort to healthy snacking to keep your glucose levels in check and to keep hunger from making you miserable. Protein and fiber are your friends.

You’ll need to eat at least four to six times a day. That breaks down to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and your snacks. Stick very close to your carbohydrate and protein allotment for your three main meals and try to keep them spaced out so they are at least two to three hours apart with the exception of dinner, which can be a little later. After your main meals, it’s okay for you to eat a snack as long as you watch how many carbs you eat. Nuts are full of protein and they can help to keep you full longer. Many vegetables are considered freebies because they contain little to no carbohydrates, meaning you can eat as many as you want.

Drink Tons of Water
Diabetes can be hard on your kidneys. During pregnancy you have more blood flowing through your body and you are also going to the bathroom more often. You need to provide your body with as much hydration as possible to keep your kidneys filtering your blood properly. Drinking more water also helps to keep your blood glucose down to where it needs to be and will prevent you from experiencing some of the other unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy.

Make Smart Food Substitutions
Even though it’s for one of the best causes possible, sacrificing the foods you love can be very challenging, especially since you do not have a lot of time to make the adjustment. Instead of going cold turkey, you can make some smart food substitutions that will help you to achieve your blood glucose goals and satisfy your taste buds simultaneously. Some food manufacturers like HamptonCreek produce healthy yogurts, mayonnaise, and cookie dough for people who are interested in improving their dietary habits.

Keep Your Head Together
You may not be feeling too happy about the changes you are making, but you can’t let those feelings get to you or it will become harder for you to be successful. Constantly remind yourself of why this situation is happening and that it is not your fault. Even though you didn’t have control over developing the condition, you can control how much it affects you and your baby. You’ll be healthier and lighter in the long run. Gestational diabetes can make it hard for you to maintain an ideal weight because the excess sugar in your blood causes your baby to grow larger than normal, which in turn causes you to want to eat more and gain more weight. Getting your numbers under control now can keep you from struggling with your weight and blood sugar after your baby is born.

Once you’ve started to make some progress in your new diet, you’ll start to realize that it really is a lot easier than it looks. Soon, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of your hard work and dedication once you welcome your baby into the world.

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