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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Urgent Care with the Doctor On Demand App

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Urgent Care with the Doctor On Demand App
Have you ever had the need to make a visit to the doctor's office but you or your child were really too sick to leave the home, or just the timing wasn't right for the office to be open? You can read my Doctor On Demand App review when I had the chance to try out the Doctor On Demand app just before a holiday weekend. Doctor On Demand is an app that let's you visit a doctor from home via a video chat through your computer, tablet, or smartphone. After entering your symptoms, you'll be connected up with a board-certified physician/psychiatrist or doctorate-level psychologist.

Visit costs are minimal, at most $40. Since I tried out the site, visits are now covered by many health plans. You'll find out when you register and provide your health plan information if your visit will be fully or partially covered.
When I tried out the site, I connected to a doctor much more quickly than I was expecting. Supposedly, the average wait is just three minutes. The service is great if your kids are sick and you want to see a doctor quickly without having to spend half a day or more waiting to see one. Doctor On Demand physicians can diagnose and treat specific conditions like allergies & asthma, acne or other skin issues, and can provide prescription refills!
If you're interested in trying out the Doctor On Demand app, we have a $10 off code for your first visit: JAVA10. Put please keep in mind the app is not for true emergencies. For chest pains, broken pains, or poisoning, please go straight to an emergency room.

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  1. I think this is amazing. I have actually gone to an Urgent Care here and they took patient over the phone. I don't know how accurate this is but if you have the flu it beats going to an office.

  2. This sounds like an amazing process. I have never tried the Doctor on Demand app , so I shall have to look into it further.