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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Silent Pocket Cell Phone Dual Faraday Carryall Review

I have a new favorite product that I've received for review but I don't know if it is something I personally need. I was asked to review the Cell Phone Dual Faraday Carryall from Silent Pocket. It functions like an RFID blocking wallet, but instead holds a mobile phone, blocking all of its signals instead.

Before looking more deeply at the Cell Phone Dual Faraday Carryall, let us step back and look at why products from companies like Silent Pocket are needed. Many items we carry on ourselves emit a signal that can be read by just passing it near an appropriate reader. In my wallet alone, I carry a card that let's me enter the building where I work, another card that lets me charge an electric car at a charging station, and a regular credit card that has a chip embedded in it. Old fashioned credit cards required you to swipe to read the data on the strip on the back of a credit card. New credit cards don't require the swiping. A Radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking wallet will fix the problem with the cards you find in a wallet, making them invisible to nearby readers. Some wallets also block Near Field Communication (NFC) which is a newer way for the chips on cards to communicate that should be blocked too.

Now for the Cell Phone Dual Faraday Carryall. Your mobile phone communicates over many different ways. There is your regular phone signal for phone calls, WiFi for Internet connectivity, Bluetooth for the phone to talk to different devices like headphones and keyboards, NFC for paying with things like Google Pay, Global Positioning System (GPS) for tracking your location, concerns over radiation, and probably a few more I'm missing.

That's where the Cell Phone Dual Faraday Carryall comes into play. Place your phone inside the case and none of these signals will be detectable outside the case. If you've ever watched a television show where a character destroyed a phone so they couldn't be tracked, all the character would have needed to do was put their phone inside this case. Sure, it makes great TV to put a phone in a microwave or throw it out a car window, but the case makes this unnecessary. Another use for it is if you're a teenager and have a parent who placed tracking software on the phone, the case would defeat this purpose.
How does the case work? The carryall places a virtual Faraday cage around the phone to restrict any electric signal from escaping. (Well, up to 100 decibels) Since no signals are visible, the phone can't receive calls, can't be traceable with GPS, can't connect to the Internet, and so on.

Now that all the technology is explained... what do I think of the actual case? Well, for one thing, it works. Once my phone was placed inside, I tried to call it and the signal didn't get through. I was playing music through a Bluetooth speaker and zipped the phone up. The music stopped playing through the speaker (and kept playing on the phone). I couldn't get into my work building when I tried to swipe my badge inside. But, I think you get the picture. Nothing escapes.

The leather case has two pockets inside. One of the sides blocks everything, the other side just RFID/NFC. You can keep your wallet inside, a passport (new passports are chip-protected), or your phone, for instance. There are even slots to hold your credit cards, too. You can even keep the key fob to start your car inside, too, if  you had a reason to not want to start a car.
The carryall comes in three different sizes based upon what device you wish to put inside. The sizes start at medium for your iPhone 5s/6/6+ and go up from there if you want to block a tablet. Make sure you look at the inner size, not the external width/height when sizing.

I truly do like the product and find it very functional for what it does. For a typical day, though, I'm just not sure how much I would use, unless I'm traveling. I also already protect my credit cards separately, and can do the same with my passport. If I were to be traveling internationally, I can truly see the need for this, as I'm typically not expecting a phone call while roaming. I can take out my devices when I want to use them and they wouldn't be exposed otherwise. You are truly off the grid and undetectable when your device(s) is inside. And, if the carryall isn't big enough, Silent Pocket even offers briefcase sized protection.

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  1. I guess I see the point to this but can't you just turn off your phone and accomplish the same thing

  2. Hm! I'm not sure why anyone would need something like this,but it's interesting

    Athena Emmanouilidis