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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Best Water-Resistant Android Phones

With so many phones on the market, manufacturers have to find a way to make their product stand out. This is especially true for Android phones that all run the same software, forcing manufacturers to compete against one another.

One way to make products stand out is to make it rugged, so, after the first drop, users don’t have a $500 brick. This includes making them waterproof, drop-resistant, and dust-resistant, all while making the phone still look good. Enough people have dropped their phones into the sink or a glass of water for manufacturers to start making water resistance part of the design rather than having water-resistant phones as separate “rugged” products.

IP Ratings

The IP rating, or Ingress Protection rating, lets buyers know if a device has been rigorously tested to meet these specifications. These markings are shown as IP followed by two numbers, such as IP67.

The first number represents dust resistance; the second is for liquid resistance. The higher the number, the better the rating and the more sealed the device is. Again, as an example, IP67 is rated to be dust-tight and able to be submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes, far longer than a quick dunk usually lasts.

Galaxy Line

Not many manufacturers tout the water-resistant nature of their devices within their marketing materials, but the two players that have are Sony and Samsung. Samsung has been making water-resistant phones since the Galaxy S5, which got an IP67.

The Galaxy S7 has upped the ante with an IP68 rating, meaning it is generally tested to up to 3 meters underwater. T-Mobile was confident enough with this rating to do an underwater unboxing, showing the phone turn on, play videos and take pictures under water.

Samsung achieved this rating by designing strong gaskets around all the ports and seams to keep water out. To eliminate the risk of power surges, sensors in the charging port don’t allow the phone to charge if it senses water in the port.

Xperia Line

Sony’s Xperia phones boast no less than an IP65, and its top-of-the-line phones go up to IP68. These ratings are more than enough for the average user, most of whom are not going to dunk their phone in water for more than 30 minutes.

Sony differs from Samsung in its waterproofing methods by using port covers instead of internal gaskets. While this is a good method that keeps a sleek design, it is important to remember to close the port caps to keep maximum protection possible.

For even more protection, Sony made the Xperia M4 Aqua, which is rated for 5 feet for 30 minutes and is designed from the ground up as a waterproof phone.


Not all manufacturers get an official IP rating for their phones. While this can be for various reasons, for the most part, almost any phone today can withstand at least some rain.

For users that need more protection than that, third-party case makers usually have some sort of option to better protect the phone. But these cases often add too much bulk for the average user. The other option is to get the “active” or “rugged” phone versions, which are made for a more niche audience.
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  1. Great to know which phones are the best water resistant thanks.

  2. WOW! Good to know!! I have a hand-me down iPhone5 and I really like it. Of course, this is my first phone. I have T-Mobile and I bought a package from them that has a screen protector, phone case, extra charger, I don't remember much else. But I would suggest a package like this for your phones.

  3. Thanks for letting us know about what the numbers mean. I think this is just amazing.