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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Free Lobster Tails at Chicago Steak Company

Have you ever bought steaks online? Now, you can get free Lobster Tails at Chicago Steak Company on orders of $149+. Use Promo Code LTAPR

When purchasing steaks, always look for the USDA shield.

Crafty restaurants, supermarkets, and wholesalers might say that they use their own, in-house ratings, or will call their steaks “prime” cuts, without using USDA certification. The best way to avoid getting cheated on your steak is to look for the USDA seal.

For restaurants: Ask for the USDA rating. If your server skirts the topic, that’s a warning sign.

For supermarkets and wholesalers: Look for the USDA seal. If you cannot find it (it might be on the bottom of the package), the meat is not USDA certified.

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