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Monday, February 15, 2016

Montgomery Lightheaded Twin Headboard & Frame Givewaway

We just finished one Lightheaded Bed giveaway and we're starting the next. Check it out. Sounds like a cool idea. You have through 2/29 to enter this one. US residents only.

Disclosure: Mama Smith’s Review Blog received this item in exchange for her honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% hers.
LightHeaded Bed
When I first heard about LightHeaded Beds, I thought they were the coolest concept! A headboard that lights up (creating a great night light or reading light) with a photo that can easily be changed out - pure genius. I was so excited when I learned that I would be getting the Montgomery Headboard and metal frame to test out with my girls. It took a while to look through all of the HeadLightz Images that they have and choose the top one that my daughters liked. They have so many to offer! One really cool thing is that with your purchase of the headboard, not only do you get a cute dolphin image, you get a $20 coupon toward your next image (and most of them are under $20!).
LightHeaded Bed LightHeaded Bed LightHeaded Bed
When the bed arrived, my girls were thrilled (and I was too) but we were not looking forward to setting it up. Well, turns out it is super easy to set up! If you are determined moms, you can totally do it all by yourself (girl power!). This headboard does only work with a metal frame, so it will be a bit low to the ground. This just means no storage under the bed, so definitely not a deal breaker. In fact, my 4 year old likes to "clean her room" by shoving things under her bed so not much more of that either! The full brightness of the headboard is perfect for bedtime stories. We read every night before bed and this allows me to do so with the bedroom light off. There is a remote that allows you to dim the light as well as put it on a timer to ensure it doesn't stay on all night when your little one goes to bed. There is a convenient switch on the back of the headboard to turn it on and off as well just in case you lose that remote (we lose remotes all the time in this house). The switch is easy to reach but I recommend not letting your little one know where it is or they just might switch it off and on all the time. The cord is quite long as well so you should be able to reach an outlet no matter where the bed is placed.
It is also super easy to change the HeadLight images (just slide one out, and slide one in) - and there is even built in storage for all of your child's images in the footboard. This is great because if we tried to store them somewhere else, they just might get lost or forgotten. Changing them is even easy enough for kids to do it all by themselves - my 4 year old can do it alone and my 3 year old came really close to being able to do it. And did I mention that you don't have to only choose from pre-made images, can create your own image too! Find that perfect family photo and create a HeadLightz Image right on the Lightheaded Beds website in just a few minutes from it. I love that!
LightHeaded Bed LightHeaded Bed LightHeaded Bed
The bed itself (the metal frame plus the Montgomery Headboard) is extremely sturdy and durable. It is a traditional design constructed with solid wood and wood veneers and is sure to complement any decor! We got the Espresso finish but there is also a White finish available. For what you get, the price is right. It may seem a little expensive but let's face it, beds are expensive. And what other bed have you seen with a built in nightlight with an image your child can personally choose (or create!). We just love our LightHeaded Bed - and I am positive you would love one too!
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LightHeaded Bed
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  2. dance-sign-with-dancing-silhouettes, would be my choice. My oldest granddaughter is a dancer and she would be thrilled with the theme.