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Friday, January 1, 2016

Stupid Twitter Behaviors: TrueTwit

Have you ever received an automated message from TrueTwit? When you sign up to follow a user on Twitter, if they signed up for the user validation service TrueTwit, you'll get a message:
XXX uses TrueTwit validation. To validate click here: [link]

According to TrueTwit, the purpose of the service is to validate followers so you don't waste time with spammers. The people who sign up for this service are so clueless. Whenever I see these messages, the first thing I do is unfollow them. They've spent all their time and possibly money to get more followers, yet the first thing they do when they get one is tell them "I don't trust you." There are millions of users on Twitter. You just got someone to follow you, yet before any conversation happened, the first thing you're telling them is "I think you're a spammer."

The funny thing is if someone doesn't respond to the automated message, it isn't like they can't follow you. They'll still see your tweets/messages. All you get the benefit of is a dashboard that shows who is a TrueTwit validated user or not, so you can decide to block someone if they didn't click on a link (then watch an ad that earns TrueTwit money) to say "I'm real."

This isn't how social media works.

Maybe when you first signed up for Twitter you were inundated with spam from users trying to get you to sign up and pay them to get you thousands of followers. Or possibly someone looking for what Ashley Madison is used for. Or maybe someone trying to sell you their latest get rich quick scheme. You're now saying to everyone else who wants to follow you, prove to me that you're not a spammer.

Imagine I found you because you retweeted something I said. You might not have followed me originally but for some reason you retweeted one of my messages. As a result of that, I read your postings. For some reason, I liked what I saw and wanted to read more, so I followed you. Next, I get a message that says to validate myself. Do you know how much of a turnoff that is? You're putting the equivalent of a bouncer in front of you and, more often then not, causing me to go away.

One thing I find funny is they actually want you to pay $20 a year for a premium service. And, they list one of the benefits of the premium service as an option to auto-follow new followers that pass their follower analysis. Auto-following is so wrong. You want to follow people because you saw something worth following, not just because they followed you. If your Twitter feed is full of junk you don't care about, you'll know why if you enable auto-following. All the $20 gets you is for them to stop spamming you.

Don't believe my opinion about TrueTwit? Check out these posts:
I couldn't find anyone posting that were fond of the service, putting signing up as a must do. All you are doing is driving more people to their site to watch more of their ads to earn them more money.

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  1. Thank you..,when I first started following bloggers on Twitter I thought I was the only one taken aback by true twit. I would think to myself, you want me to follow you and then send me this message to verify me. I still did it but didn't like it. As a marketing major I thought it to be a poor move on their part. Btw, I enjoy your blog. Happy new year.

  2. I ignore the emails. If you are doing a giveaway and want the followers, don't ask me again, I am real if you have an issue look at my twitter page. I hate those emails to click that link to show I am real. Ignore.

  3. I hate them. They know they're useless, too.

  4. I couldn't agree more. I hate TrueTwit!!!!

  5. Great article. Thanks for referencing my blog.