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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Transfer Domains to for Just $3.99

This blog has partnered with Buzzoole to announce this exciting information!
With the new year upon us, if you're considering starting a blog, may I recommend you start with your own domain. I'm still a Blogspot blog ( but it forwards to You'll just receive more respect from PR people you'll need to deal with when you have your own domain. The sooner you switch to your domain, the quicker that domain will get good links back to it. I still have external links pointing to that don't count towards the quality of links to the blog.
When you get your own domain, you need to go to a company that deals with domain registrations. is one such place. If you're going for a new registration for that new blog, a .com domain is $9.99 while a .xyz domain is just $1.99, with other prices for different domain extensions. There are so many different extensions to choose from these days. If you have an existing domain, you can transfer the domain for just $3.99 for time remaining on current registration and for the first year after transfer, too. If you're not aware, you do need to renew your registration annually.

Popular domain extensions .com, .ca, .net and .org and .co will all receive this special transfer pricing when you go to “So many of our customers rebel by being visionaries, dream followers, risk takers and ground breakers,” says CEO Rob Villeneuve. “We’re excited to make it easy for anyone to bring their domains to us with this.”

If you happen to have multiple domains, you can transfer up to 40 domains to using the self-serve online transfer process. also offers competitively priced hosting, custom email, privacy protection and SSL solutions.

Find them on social channels @rebeldotcom to see customer profiles, tools and special promotions.
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