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Monday, November 16, 2015

Nest Savings

So, last month I installed a Nest thermostat in my home (Remote Control with My Nest, #BBYConnectedHome). I've since gotten my first power bill. It wasn't a complete month of Nest usage but there was a noticeable drop in electric usage from a year earlier, even with the temperature being one degree colder. We have both gas and electric in the home and gas went up a little, but gas usage is low this time of year so the increase is less significant. In fact, the actual gas bill went down, even with the higher therms usage.

For comparison, our bill from last year was for an average of 33.4 kWh daily usage, spread over 32 days with an average daily temperature of 56 degrees Fahrenheit. That's roughly 1069 kWh.

For this past month, we installed the Nest on the 17th and the billing period ended on the 4th, meaning roughly half a month was with the Nest. We used 826 kWh spread over 31 days with an average daily temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. That's 26.8 kWh average daily usage. That's a reduction of 20% for the average daily usage for half a month with the Nest.

Can't wait to see our next bill, which will have the full month of Nest usage. If we're able to save at least $40 each month like this month, the $250 cost of the Nest system would be recovered in no time. Our local power company is offering a $100 rebate, too, meaning the cost would be recuperated even quicker.
The one thing I am surprise of is that I didn't use the mobile app more. One time I used it was because we had a power outage for over an hour. While away from home, we were able to remotely check if our power went back on by checking if the Nest was back online. Or more importantly, stayed back on.
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