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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Think-Board Clear Dry-Erase Panel Review

Have you ever wanted to have an erasable area on or near a desk in your home, either in the kitchen or in your kid's bedroom? While you could always screw something into the wall or paint with the blackboard paint, Think-Board offers an alternative. They provide totally clear and removable dry-erase panels. Just place on your desk, wall, or fridge, and using the right dry erase marker, your panel can be used for homework, menu planning, or just plain to-do lists, among many other tasks.
Offered in four different size, 54"x30", 14"x14", 8"x11", and, the size we tried, the 30"x30" panel, the Think-Board can find its home nearly anywhere. Prices vary from $29.99 for the largest to just $17.49 for the smallest.
For us, we placed the panel on the wall in my son's bedroom. He's a little over anxious with the marker sometimes and can write off panel, so be careful of that and clean up accordingly. The smaller panels can be placed right on a desk. Then at homework time, any scratch paper they need can be used via the Think-Board.

Installation was much easier than I was expecting. It is just peel off the back and apply to wall at whatever position you desire. Height is most important here, especially since it is positioned so that your child can easily write on it, all the way to the top, giving them a little bit of space. Once applied to wall, you'll need to use an included squeegee to make sure it is installed smoothly. Don't like the position? Don't fret it. You can easily pull it off the wall and move it to apply elsewhere. the included squeegee works well to work out any air pockets. 

Once installed, you can use the included dry erase marker to write on the panel. It does not come with an eraser, but does come with a spray and the squeegee. My son tends to erase with his sleeve which I'm trying to get him out of the habit of. Any erasable dry erase marker should do. I did try a marker on there that I regularly use on a dry erase board and unfortunately it did not erase, so check a corner first before trying any new marker on it. This one was old but did erase from a dry erase board so I'm not sure why it didn't erase from the panel, but the marker the board comes with works fine.

Want to learn more about Think-Board? Check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and You Tube feeds.

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