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Monday, October 12, 2015

Reserved Parking Driving on Energi

As my Driving on Energi test drive month is nearly at its end, I thought I would post about my favorite part of the event. Reserved Parking. While there are no laws that say you have to observe the signs, many places I've been to recently have parking reserved for electric vehicles or those with low emissions.

The local Whole Foods has two spots reserved for electric vehicles and a charging station. You don't have to charge and you can't fully recharge while you're shopping, but it does offer the ability to top off a little while you are shopping. During this particular visit, the whole parking lot was empty so the reserved parking wasn't a big deal but imagine in the rain. This spot is just as close as the handicap parking. During another visit, both spots were taken with vehicles charging so it isn't always available, but it is a great spot when free.
 Where I work, we have four charging stations usable only for employees. The parking garage is seven floors and by the time I get into the office the first two floors are already full. With the electric vehicle I can nearly show up at any time and get one of the four spots. They aren't so close to the building, but it is still quicker to park towards the rear of the first floor than in the front of the third floor as you don't have to drive around in circles up the different floors.

Our local mall has parking reserved for low emissions vehicles. There aren't many and when I visited they were all taken, but several times when I visited for dinner they were available, I just wasn't in the Ford C Max.

If you're thinking of going electric or hybrid at least, just watch for all the available special parking that is around. You don't notice how much there is until you're in a car that can actually use the spots.

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