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Sunday, August 30, 2015

SnapPower Guidelight Review

Does your child still need a nightlight? Or, like for us, do you want to light the path to the bathroom in the middle of the night so they don't need to turn on a bright overhead light? The typical nightlight is big and bulky and takes up an outlet, if not blocking both. SnapPower offers a really cool alternative that is easy to install and safe to use: a nightlight built into the output cover.
Here is how the cover works. The bottom of the outlet cover has a light sensor so the lights won't go on during the day. At the very bottom are three LED lights that will go on when needed. The plug's two outlet are left open for regular usage. There is no special work needed to install a permanent light. Instead, the cover pulls in its power from the side screws already there in the outlet.

Installation is a breeze with just a handful of steps:
  1. Turn off power to outlet at breaker box to be safe
  2. Remove old outlet cover
  3. Put SnapPower cover in its place
  4. Turn power back on to outlet
The whole process doesn't take five minutes, provided you know which switch to turn off at the breaker box.
 Here's the outlet cover installed in our hallway with the lights on.
Turn off the lights, and here's how it looks in the dark. It is bright enough to make your way to the bathroom easily when illuminated.

The video from SnapPower presents a better picture of the whole nightlight reinvented product:

We only have a single outlet in our hallway, but I can imagine a line of them going down the hallway lighting the path.

I like the product and found it a breeze to install. Supposedly, the light costs a dime to operate for a year, which I'm sure is cheaper than a regular nightlight. The fact that the replacement nightlight doesn't need to protrude out of the wall is another big plus as you won't be accidentally bumping into it.

The SnapPower Guidelights sell for $15 each and are discounted down to $12 each or $120 when purchased as a lot of 10. They're also available in white, light almond, and ivory, in two different shapes for different outlet types.

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  1. I could use this for the winter months, I get up before dawn and it is dark. I try not to turn on any lights so I can have that first cup of coffee alone in the quiet. I could use one o light my way into the kitchen and one near the coffee pot.

  2. What a great invention! I never use night lights because they take up the outlets. With this, I'd have a night light and not have to unplug it to use the outlet for other things.