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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Outer Spice Review and Free Shipping Offer

I recently had the chance to try out the new low salt and no salt seasoning blends from Outer Spice. They create alternatives to your table salt. Instead of the 590 mg of sodium in your typical quarter teaspoon of table salt, they're offering a spice blend with just 95 mg of sodium in a half teaspoon, or none if you go with their no salt options.
Their arsenal of products includes an original blend and spicy blend in low and no salt varieties. Being me, I tried their spicy, low-salt version first. Its ingredients include Himala brand pink sea salt, garlic, black pepper, red pepper, cayenne pepper, and onion powder, among several other natural ingredients.

What did I try it on first? I made myself some french fries from scratch. (Reminder, no more black bowls when taking pictures.) The recipe is just cut up your potatoes, slather on some olive oil with herbs and spices mixed in, and bake in 450 degree oven for about 35-40 minutes. And it is the Outer Spice mix that I used for the fries.

The aroma from the spice mix is strong. You can certainly smell the peppers, though I think it is the caraway or maybe the dill that comes across strong, too. The Spicy blend from Outer Spice certainly makes a good topping. After cooking the fries, I also added a little more from the shaker bottle before I ate them. While there is a little bit of salt in the mix, I certainly felt it didn't need any more, and I like to add salt to my fries. Just dip in ketchup and I was in good shape.

I did offer the fries to my son, but unfortunately he didn't like the blend. This did not surprise me. Being an eight-year old, he's more fond of blander flavors and hates it whenever I eat anything spicy, especially buffalo.

If you're interested in trying out the spice mix, each of four bottles is just $6.99. Normally, shipping would be extra. However, for the rest of August, US shipping is free with no minimum order size required. In addition to ordering from the web site, they also offer a mix of recipes where you're bound to find something you'll like. Since the spice mix is gluten free, keep that in mind if making your own recipes, too.

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