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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ombir Pro Multitool by Vodiy Review

Ombir Pro Multitool by Vodiy Review
The old favorite Swiss Army Knife has evolved. The latest alternative is something called a multitool and I got to try the Ombir Pro Multitool by Vodiy. According to Wikipedia, a multi-tool (or multitool) is any one of a range of portable, versatile hand tools that combines several individual functions in a single unit. The smallest are credit-card or key sized units designed for carrying in a wallet or on a keyring, but others are designed to be carried in a trouser pocket or belt-mounted pouch. The Ombir Pro Multitool by Vodiy is one that comes in a pouch with a belt-loop.
The Ombir Pro Multitool by Vodiy comes with 22 different tool options. Everything from the obvious nose pliers and typical straight long blade to a saw and wire cutter/stripper. The Vodiy Ombir Pro Multi-Tool features:
  • Needle-nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutter
  • Wire Stripper
  • Straight Long Blade
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Bottle Opener
  • Can Opener
  • Saw
  • Awl
  • Double Sided File
  • 11 Separate Attachable Bits:
    • 3 Philips Screwdriver Bits 
    • 3 Flathead Screwdriver Bits 
    • 5 Hex Key Bits
The title for the product on Amazon says 25 items. I don't know what 3 is missing as the list is straight from the product description. With that said, you'll find the available set of tools extremely helpful.
Like your typically husband, I procrastinate and delay doing jobs around the house. When they finally do get done, I typically find myself continually going back down to the basement for another tool to use for the next job to get done. With the Ombir Pro Multitool, I don't need to do that as frequently. I still need to grab additional tools like for larger plumbing related jobs, but for your typical tasks, this can handle quite a few of them. Just attach the case to your belt and open up that honey-do jar and off you go.
The tool folds down to 2"x 4⅛" at its widest, longer and wider when in the case. Depth is around an inch. Weight is a little over half a pound.

How useful is it? It depends on the jobs you have to do. I typically leave a multi-tipped screwdriver in the kitchen as I frequently find myself needing one. Then, if I need to do something the screwdriver can't handle, I go to my toolbox in the basement and get something else. The other tools pile up in the kitchen and eventually they head back down to the basement after my wife complains of the big pile stacking up. With this, I can leave it in the kitchen instead and have less need to visit the toolbox, and thus less mess. It fits nicely in the nylon sheath and barely takes up more space then the screwdriver, which is longer but not as wide.
Job-wise, it can handle quite a bit. Just looking at the tool list reveals just what it can. The multi-bit screwdriver (picture above) is probably used most, but the spring-loaded needle-nosed pliers saw its share of work, too. The knife was used occasionally, as was the bottle opener. Had to take a break of course and it wasn't a twist top.

The tool feels really sturdy and should be able to handle its fair share of abuse. Hopefully, it won't get lost and I'll be able to use it for a long time. What might it be missing? I can see this getting a car escape tool added to it. The blade could be used as a seat belt cutter, though not a quick one. But with the escape tool, this could be left in the car as a handy toolkit for there. For now, it sits in the kitchen waiting to be called to action.
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