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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jalupro, an Excellent Treatment for Facial Wrinkles

Women Face by George Hodan
Medical fillers are one of the most popular medical therapies nowadays. It is a great way for a person to rejuvenate his face and restore natural elasticity to the skin. With this treatment, we finally have a solution for aging that can return us to our youth. This is why medical professionals started using drugs such as Jalupro as a good way to remove patient’s wrinkles.

This procedure was created as a response to other cosmetic treatments and procedures that were present on the market. Even though esthetic treatments are usually very effective, they also lead to various complications. Most of these procedures, such as cosmetic surgery, are very invasive. They directly attack the skin and completely change person’s appearance. As you can presume, this can interfere with the tissue and patient’s health. It is well known that surgeries tend cause large amounts of pain for days on out after the procedure. Besides this, cosmetic surgery can impose quite a mental burden for a patient. It can lead to insecurities, loss of confidence and depression. Simply put, person is not able to recognize image in the mirror and often, this can lead to additional surgeries meant to correct effects of the previous one.

When medical professionals invented dermal or medical fillers, they wanted to provide patients with a treatment that can alter their appearance while safeguarding their health. These treatments are based on supplemental medicine, usually based on hyaluronic acid. This substance is a naturally occurring sugar present in everyone. As we get older, body cannot produce enough acid which will lead to loose skin. Jalupro and similar drugs are based on organic Sodium Hyaluronate, a substance very similar to that which is already produced within the body. Because of this, patient will not suffer from side effects or any additional health issues. Furthermore, professionals from Doctor Medica regard this procedure as one of the safest medical treatments there is.

Large Art Lips by Tammy Sue
Dermal fillers are usually used for lower regions of the face. Lips and area around the lips can be efficiently treated with Jalupro, providing a plump and voluminous look. It is also possible to use medical fillers for neck, cleavage, cheeks and chin region. Basically, these drugs can correct almost any imperfection on patient’s face. If you consider that scars and acne can be covered with them, you can easily realize potential of these excellent products.

During the procedure, doctor will inject content of the medicine in a few precise spots on patients face. These substances have almost instant effect and first changes can be noticed within a day or two. Maximum effect is accomplished after one week. Depending on the product, dermal fillers can last from 6 months to several years.

Because of its molecular structure and components used for creation of product, Jalupro rarely causes any side effects. Drug has anti-allergen and anesthetics inside meaning that entire process will go smoothly. In some cases, mild skin irritation may appear which usually passes within a week.

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