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Friday, August 14, 2015

End of Summer iSwimBand Blogger Opp

End of Summer iSwimBand Giveaway

School begins in a couple weeks, but the temperatures are still souring, reminding us summer hasn't ended. Kids are still playing in the pool, and families are making final trips to the beach. 

We're looking for bloggers to join Barbara's Beat in an end of summer iSwimBand Giveaway. It's a quick turnaround and we hope you will join us. We need to know as soon as Aug. 14.
We need bloggers to post and promote at least three times a week on social media.
You will get a free link for posting the giveaway. Paid links are also available. 

Dates: Aug 15 - Sept. 1.

Co-hosts: $5 - Get the free link, plus four additional links of your choice, listed as co-host on HTML, your links listed after the sponsor on the top of the Rafflecopter, and a page to send people to your blog.

PayPal payment must be made to and when you send payment put iSwimBand in the comments with your information about what you are paying for and how to reach you, please.

Additional links that are $1 each - Facebook visit, Twitter follow, Pinterest follow, Instagram follow, YouTube subscribe, Bloglovin' follow.

Any other links are $2 each.

No announcement page is required, but we really would appreciate you helping spread the word so we can all gain from the extra traffic and followers. 

Referrals - If two people mention your name as a referral you get an extra link on the Rafflecopter. If you send five referrals you get to be a co-host.   

Thanks for all your help. We really hope to have a wonderful event with your help. 


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