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Monday, July 6, 2015

Herr's Buffalo Blue Cheese Flavored Cheese Curls Review

Herr's Buffalo Blue Cheese Flavored Cheese Curls Review
My love of Buffalo-spiced goodies found something new at the local Market Basket: Herr's Buffalo Blue Cheese Flavored Cheese Curls. I rarely buy cheese curls, actually, let me say I never buy cheese curls. I'll certainly eat them if they're around but I just don't buy them myself. Well, since these were buffalo-flavored, I couldn't pass up this lonely bag I found at the grocery store. And lonely it was. It was misplaced with some potato chips and I couldn't find where it belonged. So... I bought it.

The nice thing about buying most things buffalo flavored is nobody else in the house will eat them. My wife likes buffalo flavoring a little but rarely touches any snacks, only buffalo chicken. My son on the other hand will typically try anything once. However, after trying something buffalo flavored I had and really regretting it, he typically just stays away from buffalo seasoning nowadays.

How was it? Not as strong as I would have liked. Certainly not bad, and the bag is practically empty, but I like a little more zing in the flavoring. I wouldn't pass up eating more if someone else bought, but I wouldn't go out of the way to find another bag for myself. I didn't not like it, I just don't eat that many cheese curls. It was a welcome change for the bag, but I'll stick to my chips for my more typical salty snack.

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