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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Yamo Manual Hand Lemon Squeezer Review

Yamo Manual Hand Lemon Squeezer
My wife is a big fan of homemade lemonade. So much so that we have a few gallons frozen because the lemons were on sale. We have all kinds of contraptions to help squeeze the juice out of the lemons. From wooden reamers to juicers that sit on top of cups, among some other things I wouldn't know how to subscribe. After seeing a squeezer at Bed Bath & Beyond, I asked her to wait and low and behold an opportunity to review a Yamo Lemon Squeezer came up on Tomoson.

We don't have the space for a big counter top contraption, so a handheld squeezer is actually the perfect size. The lemon squeezer from Yamo is about the size of a wooden reemer. Maybe a little longer. But it takes up considerable less space than anything that needs to sit on top of a cup. 
As far as getting juice out of the lemon, first, be sure to place the squeezer over a bowl, not a glass. At least for me, when I squeezed the lemon, I was a little overzealous and it didn't all drain through the squeezer. Some came out the front of the squeezer. You still get about 3 tablespoons of juice per lemon, but it is so much easier than any other contraption we've used to get juice out of a lemon (or lime). You just need to be sure to catch it all and not let any go to waste. It is really that simple to use, just cut lemon in half, insert a half, and squeeze. Then, onto the next half.

The squeezer is made from stainless steel so is dishwasher safe. It shouldn't rust. So far so good there.

When it is time to make that next batch of lemonade, the squeezing part will go so much more quickly and easily. I can't imagine making lemonade more frequently with this, but we'll be done with the squeezer part so much sooner. It will be less of a hassle to squeeze, and I'm comfortable even letting our eight-year old use this.

Interested in picking up one for yourself? They're just shy of $12 on Amazon. Great thing to get for the summer lemonade season.
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