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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SySrion Beach Bag Review

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We haven't made it to the beach yet this year, but I know what I'll be using to carry everything when we do go. The SySrion Sand Away Beach Mesh Bag is a huge bag for carrying your beach goodies. And they're a sponsor for our Swim, Sun, and Fun Giveaway, offering bags in five of the six prize packages.
The bag starts about the size of a tablet, not much larger than a mobile phone. When closed up, there is a handle on the side for carrying. Flip open the cover and out pops a bag that can fit all you'll need for a day at the beach.

I stuffed seven large beach towels into it before I ran out of beach towels, but as the picture above shows, there is still plenty of room for toys and other items. Unless you have a really large family, you won't run out of space. And, if you do have a large family, just buy two.

My biggest complaint about the bag is the smaller bag that the bigger bag popped out of. The blue one under the mobile phone in the picture above. When the large bag is not in the pocket, the pocket bag sits at the top, connected to the strap. The cover that snaps it closed is not directly accessible, leaving the bag open, where the contents can fall out. If, however, you turn that smaller bag inside out, you can clasp it closed. A little awkward, but you do get a place to keep your wallet or what not with less risk of it falling out while carrying.

The mesh aspect of the bag allows any sand your items have collected to fall out. No big piles of sand (or water) at the bottom of your regular bag. There is a little bit of stretch in the material

Very lightweight and easy to store for the next trip, you shouldn't be disappointed with this offering.

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