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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Consol Solar Jar Review

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The next item up for grabs in the Swim, Sun, and Fun giveaway I almost like more for the story behind the product than the actual product. The Consol Solar Jar is dubbed Sunshine in a Bottle. It is a mason jar that contains four solar-powered LEDs, which are charged by solar cells in its lid. After charging from being in sunlight all day, the charge provides enough lighting for you to last an evening, up to 12 hours worth actually.

Their claim:
The Consol Solar Jar is ideal for garden lighting, table decoration, romantic dinners, indoor and outdoor use, alfresco dining, camping or other outdoor pursuits that require soft, yet bright light without glare.
What I find more interesting though is why and where it was created. It is a product out of South Africa. A place with areas where electricity can be scarce or expensive. Not only does the jar provide lighting in an environmentally friendly way to people, but it provides over 50 jobs to locals. I like that aspect of the product. We certainly don't have as much of a need for the product as they do back in South Africa but it creates great ambiance and enough light for reading if you so choose.
Why a mason jar you might ask? There are several reasons for this. First off, they are a readily available resource, making the preserve jar 100% recyclable without having to use any resources to break it down. Secondly, they're heavy enough to be left outside without risk of it falling over from a typical wind. And, thirdly, as the pig in the picture above shows, you can customize the inside to your heart's content. You might make a sand mosaic or something else that makes the jar uniquely yours.

One thing that might not be perfectly clear from the pictures so far is how to turn the thing on and off. There is a magnet on a rotating bar that you flip over to turn the light on. There is a circle on the lid you must line up with the magnet after opening/closing the jar. Provided the circle is lined up, flipping the magnet will engage the LEDs. It isn't dimmable, just an off-on switch.

Come back after 9 pm tonight for your chance to win one of these and several other products. I'll add a link here to the giveaway package for this particular product after the event starts.

The Consol Solar Jar sells for $35 on Amazon if interested in buying your own.

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