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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cal31 T-Shirt Review

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"Swim, Sun, and Fun" Giveaway

As part of the Swim, Sun, and Fun giveaway, we're giving away winner's choice of a t-shirt from Cal 31. They're clothing is what they call California Apparel. The shirt above is what I sampled from them. It is part of what I call their surfer collection. They also offer shirts with California related logos like the Cali Bear, maps of cities, and outlines of the state, among others. Besides t-shirts, you can pickup a tote, canvas, or pillow, too.
The shirt is 100% Polyester with some pretty bright colors. It is comfortable and should last for some time, provided it is cleaned correctly. You must wash it in cold water and not throw it in a hot dryer. Basically, do not bleach, do not iron, and hang dry. The surfer shirts sell for $34.95 given all their bright graphics. 
I like the really bright designs of the surfer-related shirts. They also offer a collection of animal shirts, where besides the animal head there is a ladybug somewhere. The animal t-shirts go for $32.
The Cali State collection has less graphics and goes for just $24.
There are even some shirts with just sayings on them that also sell for $24.
I like many of the canvases they sell that are not also available on t-shirts. They're very vibrant designs of what are typically California road trips.

For orders over $50, you get $5 off t-shirts and free shipping. They are made in California. The t-shirt itself is from American Apparel and made in the USA. Its their Sublimation T.

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  1. Hmm, the T-shirt looks good. Looking forward to the review! Love the water & the blues in the tee.