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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Aegend Swimming Goggles Review

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"Swim, Sun, and Fun" Giveaway
As part of the Swim, Sun, and Fun giveaway, we're giving away two pairs of swimming goggles from Aegend. As someone who has tried both goggles, I like to think of one as an indoor pair and the other as an outdoor pair.

In case you can't guess, the black pair with the mirrored lenses are the outdoor pair. The mirrored lenses reflect the bright sunlight so you can see clearly during outdoor swims. Whether a hardcore swim or a relaxing dip in the pool, no worries here for dealing with direct sunlight or reflecting off the water. From the inside, the lens look perfectly clear.

The second pair of goggles look perfectly clear from both sides. There is nothing that stops you from using the reflective pair indoors, but the clear lens in the blue googles work better in low light situations, like an indoor pool at a gym perhaps.
One of my favorite parts of both goggles is the button in the back of the straps. With most goggles, you have strap pulls in the front, right next to the goggles lens. When you take them on and off, you tend to need to adjust, as they may be too tight to put back on if you've sized them to not fall off. Instead, with these goggles, once they are sized correctly, you never need to adjust. To take them off, you just push the button. When you put them back on, you close the connector there and they're immediately at the same size.
Both goggles come with their own protective case. Twist the knob on the side to open. I like the case but I tended not to use it. It is easy enough to just through goggles in your beach bag / gym bag and carry around. Otherwise, you might lose the case once you reach your destination. It does protect the lenses when not in use though, so don't throw them away.

Besides the comfort provided by properly sizing the straps and the button to take them on and off, I liked the comfort offered by the goggles themselves. They fit snugly and I never felt like they would fall off. Are swimming goggles right for you? I grew up without them and always just dealt with the glare for instance when outdoors. I'm certainly more comfortable if I wear them, just not as used to them. My son on the other hand almost always grabs them when he swims as he's almost always had them, whether indoors or outdoors. The Aegend goggles are definitely a better set that you don't want to lose or accidentally leave behind.

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