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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Spa Treatments for Men

Spa Treatments for Men
Sento by Santa Delux
Most of the spas are oriented towards woman. As the time goes by, managers of these establishments realized the potential of including men into the story and now, numerous spas all over the world are presenting special types of treatments which are exclusively targeting male population. Of course, similarly to women, male are getting stressed out each and every day. This is why more and more men are becoming fans of spa treatments which can provide quick relief to their muscles and mind. 

Sports Massage
Boys will be boys! No matter how old we are, we still love to play basketball with our friends. Often, we have different issues with our muscles and bones making us prone to injuries. No matter whether we use the massage for relaxation or as a part of treatment, it becomes necessity for all those that are still physically active. For example, many athletes in Toronto area love to visit Uptown Spa – Massage in North York for their regular treatment.

Male Facials
It is no secret; most men have problems with skin on their face. The biggest issue is that, unlike women, we need to shave each and every day in order to look our best. Unfortunately, this leads to dry and red skin, adversely influencing our appearance. Some men are starting to realize benefits of facial treatment and they are taking extra care of their skin as well as their beard. This is especially important for men who wish to progress their career or for those who are working with clients, face to face.

Dark Beer by Ariadne Ariadnerb
Beer Bath
Now, we can’t say that this therapy has particularly good influence on our health or on our skin. But, it is true that most of the men like to take a dip into a tub or Jacuzzi filled with this delicious alcohol. Today, there are numerous spas all over the Europe, especially in European countries such as Czech Republic or Germany where men can enjoy in good old beer relaxation.

Similarly to many other types of spa treatments, men regarded yoga as something feminine. Slowly some of them starting to take classes in order to relax and enjoy the view. As time passed by, vast majority of male population realized benefits of this activity and started implementing yoga in their daily routine. We warmly recommend this activity for all those who have problems with muscles, bones and joints especially to men who are well in their forties and fifties.

Dietary Treatments
Meat is man’s best friend. Carnivorous behavior is deeply imbedded within every man. This is regarded as part of our nature because it is expected from each man to be a leader (at least in his family eyes) and to be strong. Unfortunately, many middle aged men have issues with their heart and with their digestion. This is of course due to this behavior. Today, different spas have dietary programs which are tailor-made for men in order to provide them with high quality food which will restore their health and potentially change their habits.

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  1. I use beer for my hair on a rare occasion but filling your tub and sitting in it just seems like a waste. :(