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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

BarkOutfitters Dematting Metal Comb Review

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions states are my own and may differ from yours.
We have a Newfoundland. For his breed, he is small at about 110 pounds. His mom was 150 pounds, while his dad was 165, to give you an idea about sizes, and how small he is, for his breed. Small is a relative term here as many dogs are barely 10% of his size. Newfoundlands are a furry breed. We can burn out a vacuum cleaner yearly without proper care and there is no chance we'll ever own a robot vacuum as it would fill up too quickly with fur. 

Dealing with all the fur can be a handful. We used to take our dog to a groomer periodically. However, he started having seizures when at the groomer, and only at the groomer, so no more groomer. That means we have to care for his fur ourselves. Given how much there is, it can be a bit much. We're constantly looking for tools to help out. Many can't handle a breed of his size. The large version of many tools tend to be for dogs up to 65 pounds, and we're nearly double that.

Now, step in BarkOutfitters Dematting Metal Comb. I got to try it out thanks to an opportunity at Tomoson. The comb's main goal is to help make quick work out of tough knots. Before attacking any knots, I first used it like a basic brush, to see how it grabbed his hair on something that wasn't knotty. It does an amazingly good job at just pulling out any loose hair, and we had quite a bit. 
The blades at the top are sharp enough to do the job but have safety edges so don't feel sharp to the touch. There are two sides to the top. One side has the blades wider than the other. Which side you use depends on how tough the matt is. Just dig in and pull when you run across one. The dog reacted when digging into a matt but didn't try to run away. In fact, he tried to bite the tool. It did a very effective job at pulling apart any matts. I'm not sure what else he had in his hair there, but it seemed to be all over the place. And working with a Newfoundland, you need to sit there for a while with him and the handle was very comfortable to use, even after an extended session.

Overall, I like the tool and I think it gets to stay in our repertoire of tools to deal with our dog's fur. The comb gets the job done well easily and the dog doesn't complain. I might even try using the tool to pull out the fur in the vacuum's roller. It should be able to handle that, too, though is certainly not designed for that. At just $14.95, well worth it.

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