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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spiral Slicer by Vespiral for $1.99

Besides me getting stuff to review for here on the blog, I've signed up for some Facebook groups and mailing lists to get items for reduced price to do reviews right on Amazon. These groups are available for bloggers and non-bloggers alike as the desired review is right on Amazon, not the blog. One of the items currently available is a spiral slicer from Vespiral. It retails for $18.77 at Amazon, but you can get it for the price of $1.99 if you grab it through the Elite Deal Club. If you grab, you'll then be notified of future deals. Occasionally the items are totally free. Other times, they're like $1-$5 depending on the item. If it is something you need anyway, great way to grab at a discount. They really do want the review though. It is bad practice to not do the review if you get the item through these groups. You won't lose your Amazon account if you don't, but you will get kicked out of the group. As far as Amazon goes, you do need to disclose you got item at a reduced/promotional price for FTC disclosure purposes.

Update: 4/5 8am, item sold out right now, but check after 2pm or 8pm for more stock.

If that link doesn't work, try this one. That doesn't go straight to product but will allow you to sign up. First time trying their new product coupon links.

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