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Monday, April 20, 2015

Fish, Fish, Squish Review

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions states are my own and may differ from yours.
Winning Moves Games recently released their 2015 catalog of games and we had a chance to play with a few. What follows is a review of one my son seemed to like most Fish, Fish, Squish!
If they look interesting, you have a chance to win the same ones in a separate giveaway post. The four games you get to win in the giveaway are Fish, Fish Squish!, Guess Who?, Scattergories Categories, and Connect 4 Twist & Turn. Retail value of all four is $13.95 + $18.95 + $21.95 + $18.95 or $73.80 total.
The Fish, Fish, Squish! game is a game involving modeling clay and a deck of cards. The object of the game is to be the person with the last fish standing. 

For starters, you create five fish out of the modeling clay with the help of the fish molds. The molds are a hard plastic and a bear to get the clay out of. The fish molds are also single sided so the standing fish will only have a face on one side
Play starts with a 6x6 grid of cards, where play goes around the table and each player has to flip over one card. There is no matching involved here like Concentration. Instead, any time there are three face up cards in a row, column, or diagonal with one of each of the red, yellow, and purple fish, once you spot the trio, you can smash one of the opponent's fish.
If you happen to miss spotting the trio during your turn, the next player can "use" the trio and smash the fish of any other player instead. You can also sometimes spot multiple trios at once when you place a card down. I let my son win this one so all of my fish got squashed. He liked to pickup the fish and squash it in his hands 

The game itself plays quickly. Most of the time is spent modeling the fish. I would not recommend playing on the carpet like we did though. Squishing the fish would have been more fun on a more solid table.

That is really the whole game. It targets the 5 and up crowd, but my eight year old got a real kick out of squishing the fish. He hated making them, but squish was fine.

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  1. I absolutely love playing games like this with my grandchildren.

  2. I really think this sounds like a lot of fun-- making your little fish and then smashing them up because if the card game to go with it-- sound like something I could do with the younger kids here-- thanks for the review

  3. This sounds like a game that children will definitely love. Thank you for sharing this review.

  4. This would be great for family game night!

  5. this would be a great game for the whole family to play