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Monday, April 13, 2015

Easy Connection with INNORI Multi-functional Power Strip (and Giveaway)

This post is sponsored by Innori. 
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Not all electric sockets are the same. Not all can accommodate the plugs of different designs. If you need to turn on a machine or re-charge a device and their plugs won’t fit in your socket, then it’s a big problem to you. What you need is a versatile socket that you can plug in the most used devices in a quick and easy way. And the answer lies in the INNORI Multi-functional usb power strip socket.
Other socket brands are of poor quality. Incidents of fires and other electric-related hazards contribute almost half of electronic casualties; the other being the improper usage of electronic devices. INNORI multi-functional socket belongs to the top class. You can see that it is made for versatility and reliability.
Adaptability marks the INNORI socket design. Two AC sockets plus four USB ports are there, with a master switch for turning on or off the power. So if you need to turn on your laptop and at the same time charging your USB-based mobile phone, you can plug in both in the extension cables without worrying about short circuit risks. The master switch is equally useful to prevent overcharging of cell phones by turning it off.
Any device plugged into it can easily be recognized. A necessary amount of power is allocated to a specific device. It has a maximum power output of 2,000 and a wide voltage range of 110-240V. This is as safe indicator that tells you that a fuse will not explode in an instant.
Conventional sockets don’t have these dual AC-USB inputs. It can be a hassle if your device has USB connector only. Their varying designs are a problem when stored in small items like handbags. Putting the two socket types in a single device, it becomes easy to carry around with you anytime.
INNORI is practically designed to meet space and storage requirements of users. Attached with a 1.8m cable, you no longer have to deal with dangling cords caused by multiple plugging of various devices. Hence, no more stepping on cords or get tripped by them. This is perfect for people who own PC sets, Home Theater Systems and other home appliances. They can minimize the number of dangling cords by plugging these machines into this multi-functional socket.
INNORI measures at 190*57*47mm and weighs 499g. Hence, it’s lightweight to carry around and easy to store in your bag — a modern requirement for electric sockets. Add to its durability, this socket can stand against pressures and still keep the quality performance of its internal parts.
The Surge Protector Multi-functional Power Strip socket is manufactured with top quality materials. It is built to stand against overvoltage, over current, leakage, short circuits, overload, lightning and high temperature. All thanks to its ABS component which is a potent anti-flaming material.
Safety and reliability matter most in an electronic product. So why waste your hard earned money for a low performing and dangerous one? The INNORI Surge Protector Multi-functional Power Strip socket is a hallmark of user-friendly, high quality and practical design. One no longer need separate sockets just to turn on their devices, when you can get everything in a single product.

INNORI Power Strip:
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INNORI Power Strip Giveaway
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