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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Is Your Home Safe and Secure?

Have you ever wondered how safe and secure your home was? I thought we were in pretty good shape but after a free home risk analysis from MBIntel, I'm having second thoughts. I think we need a better emergency preparation plan and get our son involved more, too.
The whole process is quite simple, taking about 15 minutes, and just answering the questions reveals to yourself how unprepared you really are. Their survey is broken into three sections: security, safety, and emergency preparedness. When done, you're given a report, but like I said, by the time you're done answering the questions, you should know where your weaknesses and shortcomings are.

We look to be in good shape in the security and safety area but are just average for emergency preparedness. I actually thought we would have done much better there given some of our stockpile. Apparently, while good in some areas, we're lacking/insufficient in more than I thought.

What did I get out of going through the process, besides their report?
  • I need to get my son involved more. He's eight now and really capable of much more than we've presented to him so far.
  • Some items on the honey-do list really need to get done sooner rather than later.
  • We need to identify a go-to place in case of fire / emergency. Basically, get an emergency plan in place.
  • We need to reexamine our prepper stock to make sure it has enough of the right things.
Do you think your home is safe and secure? How prepared are you for emergency situations? Are you comfortable with your current level of preparedness?

The basic survey is free. If you're looking for a more detailed analysis, the cost is $29.95. Through 4/30, you can get the detailed analysis for $19.95 with the help of the coupon code MomBuzz.

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  1. This sounds like a great survey. I am sure I would learn alot by doing this. Thank you for sharing

  2. Yes this sounds cool. Surveys are great but they take up a lot of time.

  3. Ive actually just recently been more concerned about this! We live in such a nice area but recently our car was broken into and there way a break in someones home a couple miles away. I should for sure fill out this survey and see what my results are!

  4. I thought I was more prepared too but not so much after taking the survey.