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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Inateck Hard Drive Carrying Case Review

I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions states are my own and may differ from yours.
Do you have an external hard disk drive (HDD) that you carry around with you? Inateck has the perfect accessory to go along with it, a shock and shake resistant and water repellent carrying case. Instead of the drive getting pumped around, the case helps protect the drive from getting scratched up, bumped around, or accidental spillage.
The case comes in either blue or black and can hold nearly any 2.5" portable drive. It's retail price is $16.99 but it is currently selling for just $6.99 at Amazon. If you look at the product at Amazon, though, you have to be careful reading the reviews. The product reviews seem to be mixed up with another product.
For me, my usage of the case was with an internal HDD instead of an external one. Instead of carrying a cable on the left side of the case, I connected my drive to my system through the Docking Station I previously reviewed. Not only did the case help protect the drive from banging around but it helped it from collecting dust, too. I try not to spill liquids purposely on drives, and I did not specifically test it with the drive inside, but did spill some water on the case without the drive inside. You can tell a liquid spilled on the case but the inside stayed dry. It should survive most typical spillages.

For under $10, a good investment to protect your drive, if you carry one around.

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  1. I am a picture taken. I really don't know what Im doing yet. My hubby bought me a 70D and theres a lot to it shoo. I love keeping memories and have a hard drive I haven't used yet. Ive always used the SD cards themselves or used a flash drive. I think one of these would be nice to have for when I go back and forth to my moms. I used her computer mostly to get my pictures. Now that I have one here I have to set up the utility ect.. yet to beable to get my pics on it.