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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Green Your Earth Blogger Opp

I run of blogger opps of late that require announcement posts. With Earth Day coming soon, we have two links available if you help promote. Sign ups close 3/21. The even starts 3/23. Looks like a nice set of prizes available so far. Do please tell them Java John Z's sent you when you sign up.
Green Your Earth Blogger Opp. Sign ups close 3/21

Yes it's me again needing more help promoting!

Because everyone has been doing such an awesome job on these promotions I am letting you pick any 2 social media links you would like - of course no google and no mandatory facebook. I will allow email sign ups and comments if you wish. This will not be everytime but I really want you to know how much you help and make a HUGE difference on my contests!
Hosted By: Michigan Saving and More
Sign Ups Close 3/21
Giveaway Dates: 3/23 12AM EST through 4/23 11:59pm EST
or can email me at las93063 at gmail dot com
Prizes so far:
Woodie Specs Choice
Kobert Waterproof Case (Deluxe Edition)
Kobert Exercise Armband
5 different digital downloads from Live Well Series and Jeff Gold
Most Popular Nut Milk Bag
Clever Yoga Strap
Jackpot Candles
Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream
Willamy Expression Bracelet
Glasstic Bottle
Pure Affinity Skincare Anti Aging Moisturizer
Silicone Mobile Wallet
2-in-1 Silicone Mobile Holder
ALPSY DeShedding Tool Pro
Bloggers opp is HERE
All bloggers will receive 1 free link for posting and promoting giveaway
plus 1 free link for posting and promoting bloggers opp (above)
Choice for free links: Anything this time
Bloggers that refer other bloggers that sign up to promote will be in a drawing to win $10 paypal.
If you post it on facebook make for sure they put you down or the url of where they found it.
One entry for each person that is listed as the referrer for the blog that signs up someone.
Co-hosts are $10 for the free links plus 5 more links of choice, Co host page on their site and at minimum 1 follow or secret word page. Co-Hosts do not have to post announcement but it is greatly appreciated plus they will be eigible for the $10 prize if someone signs up through them!
Of course no google+ and no required facebook like.
Other sign up options available on sign up form too!
If you have any prizes that would be a good fit please let me know and I will give you a co-host if you do the review. I will have an entry for people to make a comment on your review.
Please sign up below! Or at this link HERE


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