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Monday, March 9, 2015

Get Rewarded with Bing Search

I am compensated for this post by Bing Rewards.
Get Rewarded with Bing Search
I'm always looking for new ways to earn some extra cash. Who isn't these days? Surveys, mystery shopping, focus groups. You name it, I've tried them all. Did you know you can earn credits with Bing Rewards from your everyday online searches, and turn those credits into gift cards, movie discounts, fuel points, and even airline miles?
Here's how the whole thing works. First, register with Bing Rewards. Next Search. That's all there is to it to earning credits towards rewards. These rewards can be a popular gift card, some sweepstakes entries, or you can even donate them to your choice of charities. Those last ones get pooled together and delivered quarterly.
After a while, you realize you've been searching for some time. What can you get with these rewards? First off, to find out how much you've banked, check out the number next to the medal logo in the top right corner of page. As you can easily notice if you know where to look, I have 20 credits as I write this.

Once it is time to redeem, it is off to the marketplace. To get there, press the number/medal to see a popup. Press on the Redeem link there. You're shown the full catalog next, perhaps not in the most optimal display. But, if you're accustomed to another search engine, that here is the key difference between many other breeds, the ability to earn rewards. For instance, right now you can redeem 40 credits for a chance to win a $500 gift card to either Microsoft or Target, among several other places.

Once you earn enough credits, you can redeem them. Like for 40 credits, you can try to win a $500 gift card. (Redemption includes getting a text message with a confirmation code.) Other redemption options are there as are other earning options. You can even set goals and go for it with daily searches. 

It is that easy. Don't miss signing up for Bing Rewards. You search everyday. Now Get Rewarded!

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