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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Java John Z's: 2014 Year in Review

Java John Z's: 2014 Year in Review
We start the new year with a look back to 2014. Looking through the Google Analytics stats shows what's popular (and what's not).
Discover the Dinosaurs
The most popular review on the site was again for the Discover the Dinosaurs show from 2013. Lots of people going to the show wanting to find out about it. Even the mobile version of the page was in the top ten pages on the site.

The most popular page on the site besides the homepage was the giveaways search label. Either use that or the list of giveaways in the upper right side of the page. Both allow you to see what's going on for giveaways.

The most popular giveaways were for the iPad Mini, Coach Tote, and a Kohl's Gift Card. An Amazon Gift Card giveaway was also up there, too. The Kohl's card was last January but all the rest were end of year giveaways.

Surprisingly (to me), an article with Disney Frozen Activity Sheets checked in higher than all giveaways but the iPad one.
Charging phone with the Puku S8 Charger
The second most popular pure review post was on the Puku charger/powerbank. Even though I've reviewed others that are smaller, this one is still a favorite.

The most popular tech tip was again on Canceling NFL Mobile Premium on Verizon.The mobile version of the page was more popular than the desktop version, which isn't surprising. I'm planning on posting more of these tech tips. My favorite was Do Not Microwave Your iPhone.

I do need to update the About Me page... It is starting to show its age.

We close the year with some vast improvements in the social media fan numbers:
Thanks for being a fan. Looking forward to seeing what 2015 holds in store.

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