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Friday, January 30, 2015

Cell Phone Selfie Sticks at Cellular Outfitter

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Who would have thought a stick with a claw on the end would be such a big seller? How many times have you travelled and wanted to take a picture of yourself in front of something unique to the area? We don't all get to go to Florence and stand in front of the Ponte Vecchio, but if we're there, we want a picture of ourselves there, too. Inventor Wayne Fromm was there and decided to act upon his desire to take a picture with his daughter, with no room for a tripod and no desire to bother a stranger with perhaps a language difference. 10 years ago the first selfie stick was patented, and nowadays, most of the younger crowd has or wants one. Their arms are only so long and they want to see more than just a closeup of their face from their mobile.
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That's where Cellular Outfitter comes into play. They have selfie sticks for taking that picture more than an arm's length away, letting anyone get him or herself and a few friends or the monument in the background into the picture.

Selfie sticks are actually a bit more involved than you think, and come in many varieties, all of which Cellular Outfitter carries at wholesale prices. First off, you need one that will grasp onto your specific phone model. Some selfie sticks can handle multiple model phones, others can't. More importantly though is how the camera actually takes the picture. Believe it or not, there are three, if not four, options here.

First off is the simplest way to take a picture when you can't reach the shutter button. A timer. Use a photo app that lets you set the timer, click the button, then wait, and hope you're ready when the timer runs out.

The second option may or may not involve a selfie stick. There are remote selfie shutters. These work via Bluetooth. Instead of setting a timer, hold the clicker in your hand and take a picture that way.

The third choice involves Bluetooth still, but the shutter button is on the selfie pole itself. Attach the phone to the adapter on the end, then when you want to take a picture, press the button. It sounds like a simple addition but there is one issue. You have to keep your selfie pole charged. No charge and the pole won't sync up to the phone and you can't activate the button.

The fourth choice takes away the need for charging the pole, or worrying about running out of charge. There are poles that connect via a wire to the phone. Then, when you press the button on the pole, it activates the shutter through the wire. No batteries required here.

Cellular Outfitter has over 6,500 options for selfie poles. There are so many mostly because of the need for different adapters to grasp different phones. Most sell in the $15.00 range. Be sure to check them out, save, and snap away.

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