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Monday, January 26, 2015

All About China Book Review for Multicultural Children's Book Day

All About China Book Review for Multicultural Children's Book Day
Living in a multicultural family creates some interesting challenges. Imagine standing on line in a store and the customer behind you speaking to your child in a language they think your child understands because of their skin color or facial features, but its the wrong language. The first time, I laughed it off. After a while, you kinda wonder what people are thinking.

With the books we get, our titles cover the whole gamut. We try to teach our son about everywhere in the world, and everyone in it. Where we're all from and with all our different abilities. We also make sure all characters are not just your typical, or atypical, Caucasian family, whether purple or green or brown. My wife and I have our favorite authors, that has evolved considerable as our son ages. Todd Parr was a favorite for the longest time when he was younger.

Our latest title we're checking out is All About China. It is part of a series Tuttle Publishing has, including All About IndonesiaAll About Korea, and All About Japan, too. You kinda get that Asia feel with all their titles as they're rooted in Asian culture, language, and history.

The book is 64 pages of Chinese heritage, from the geography to the government, from the food to the traditions. The book places lots of emphasis on the 5,000 years of culture and inventions. You'll learn about the country's festivals, their endangered species, and of course the Zodiac animals.

Home sweet home for many, the book is the perfect addition for the family with an adopted Chinese child, or whose family relocated from China and wants to teach their kids about their homeland. The pictures are fantastic and colorful. The language introduction is strong if you want an initial grasp of Mandarin, and the songs are cute, even if your pronunciation is horrible.

I like the etiquette tips and the recipes. About the only thing not given much depth is the politics. Overall, a great book for the right family with that China connection.

Multicultural Children's Book Day
This book review is part of Multicultural Children's Book Day.
Our mission is to not only raise awareness for the kid’s books that celebrate diversity, but to get more of these of books into classrooms and libraries.
Mission: Despite census data that shows 37% of the US population consists of people of color, only 10% of children’s books published have diversity content. Using the Multicultural Children’s Book Day, Mia and Valarie are on a mission to change all of that. Their mission is to not only raise awareness for the kid’s books that celebrate diversity, but to get more of these types of books into classrooms and libraries. Another goal of this exciting event is create a compilation of books and favorite reads that will provide not only a new reading list for the winter, but also a way to expose brilliant books to families, teachers, and libraries.

“MCCBD team hopes to spread the word and raise awareness about the importance of diversity in children’s literature. Our young readers need to see themselves within the pages of a book and experience other cultures, languages, traditions and religions within the pages of a book. We encourage readers, parents, teachers, caregivers and librarians to follow along the fun book reviews, author visits, event details, a multicultural children’s book linky and via our hashtag (#ReadYourWorld) on Twitter and other social media.”

Java John Z's is honored to be part of Multicultural Children's Book Day this year. Here's the full list of 2015 co-hosts:

 Multicultural Children’s Book Day Sponsors

Multicultural Children's Book Day 2015 sponsors
Our Platinum sponsor is back from last year, Wisdom Tales Press!
We have a new Platinum sponsor, Daybreak Press Global Bookshop & Gathering Space.

We have three new Gold sponsors: Satya House, Multicultural Kids, and Stephen Hodges of The Magic Poof!

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We’re also partnering with First Book to offer a Virtual Book Drive that will help donate multicultural children’s books through their channels during the week of the event. We want to help get diversity books into the hands of kids who most need it and now we have a way to do it! The Virtual Book Drive is LIVE and can be found HERE.
Children's Book Council
MCCBD is collaborating with Children’s Book Council to highlight wonderful diversity books and authors on an ongoing basis all year.

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  1. Thank you for this thoughtful review, and for sharing your experiences. It's so good to see diverse books in the spotlight today! Really thankful for your support of Multicultural Children's Book Day