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Saturday, February 8, 2014

What's Your CPK Flavor? Sweepstakes

Enter to win one of six $50 Amazon GCs. 3/7
We have a giveaway here with six Amazon gift cards up for grabs. Pick your favorite pizza flavor before the end of 3/7 for your chance to win one of the gift cards.

Are you a spicy little habanero pepper, or a romantic roma tomato? Maybe a mysterious mushroom? Tell us! What's Your Flavor? Repin, Use #FindYourFlavor & Be Entered to Win $50!

Goodies for Your Pets Giveaway

To go along with our velcro leash/harness reflector giveaway, we have another pet giveaway. This one with seven prize winners. With an 120 lb dog ourselves, I'm not quite sure how many of these we could use if we were to win, but it looks like a great bunch of prizes. This is US only and runs until the end of the month. Good luck.
Enter to win the Goodies for your Pets Giveaway. Ends 2/28. 
Hosted By: All About My Deals

Note from the host: A BIG thank you to all the wonderful bloggers that are sharing this giveaway. Giveaway Entrants please show them and the sponsors some love in the giveaway widget below.

This giveaway will have SEVEN winners. The prizes will be awarded in the order the names are pulled at the end of the giveaway. The first name pulled will win Prize#1, 2nd name pulled will win Prize#2 and so on.
Giveaway Ends: 2/28 @ 11:59 pm CST
Open to US residents only.
Prizes: View the prize boxes at the bottom

Seasons of Gray DVD Giveaway

Starring Andrew Cheney, Megan Parker Wilson, and Akron Watson, here's our latest DVD giveaway, Seasons of Gray. This is US only and runs until 2/21. Take a chance and enter now before it is too late. Good luck.
Welcome to the Seasons of Gray DVD Giveaway
Sponsored by: Seasons Of Gray
Enter to win Seasons of Gray DVD. Ends 2/21.
Brady Gray was always the favorite son. Overcome by jealousy, his brothers resort to an unforgivable crime to drive him away from their father's ranch. Brutally beaten and hauled away to an uncertain destiny, Brady chooses to forget the past and start anew. Yet his troubles are just beginning. Falsely accused of assaulting his new boss's wife, he ends up in prison. Daring to believe there may be some purpose in his suffering, he's given a change to turn his life around. At long last, success brings him the opportunity to decide the fates of the men who wronged him. But what man intends for evil, God intends for good. This simple, yet powerful, message is all he has left. Brady must now decide whether acts of cruelty or the hand of providence will mark the seasons of his life.

Richard Buckley Artwork Giveaway

Enter to win an original Richard Buckley piece of art. Ends 2/17.
Here's a little different giveaway I ran across that is open worldwide, 18+. Looking to redecorate your home a little? Like artist Richard Buckley and enter to win this one-off original piece of abstract art worth £249. Giveaway runs until 2/17.

LED Blow Lamp Giveaway

Here we have a nice three winner giveaway. Each winner will get an LED Blow Lamp. The "blow" part of the lamp is how you turn it on and off. Interesting idea. Continental US residents have until the end of 2/27 to enter to win.

LED Blow Lamp Giveaway
Enter to win an LED Blow Lamp. Ends 2/27.

Holiday Contest and Sweeps
(Along With)

Proudly Brings You The

LED Blow Lamp Giveaway

3 Winners will each receive a Blow Lamp

Kindle Fire HDX Giveaway

We have here today a giveaway of a Kindle Fire HDX thanks to Momma Lew's Blog. She's the mom/me in the text below. US resident have until 2/24 to enter to win. $229 value. Good luck. Entry requires leaving an app review.
Enter to win a Kindle Fire HDX. ARV $229. US-only. Ends 2/14.
Sponsored by:  Kid's Academy 
Hosted by:  Momma Lew's Blog 
Co-Hosted by:  A Spectacled Owl and Mommyland 

Over the last few months, Momma Lew's children have had plenty of time to play with their Kid's Academy Educational apps.  As a mom of 2 preschoolers, it's always been very important to me to make sure they are ready to succeed in school.  Now that my oldest is heading off of to Kindergarten in a few months, it's been our top priority.

Maggie Bags Tote of Many Colors Giveaway

We have another Maggie Bags giveaway going on. These popup every once in a while as prizes. It seems like every bag is different. This giveaway runs until 2/22 and is US only. Care to win it? Good luck.
Enter to win the Maggie Bags Tote of Many Colors Giveaway. Ends 2/22.
The Tote of Many Colors (affectionately known as the TMC) is Maggie Bag's best-selling seatbelt tote bag of all time. It is the perfect beach bag, diaper bag, reusable shopping tote, great for weekend trips and for countless other purposes and is available in an open or zippered top.

Easy Canvas Print Giveaway

Canvas prints are all the rage these days. Here's a chance to win an 8x10 canvas print. Continental 48 only, quick giveaway ending on 2/12. Good luck. Don't miss the coupon, too.

Easy Canvas Prints {Review}

Enter to win an 8x10 Easy Canvas Prints. #Giveaway ends 2/12.

Welcome to the Easy Canvas Prints Giveaway

Hosted by: Simply Sherryl

Sponsored by: Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a free 8x10 canvas print with free shipping to the US (Alaska and Hawaii excluded)! Enter the drawing below and good luck! This event will run through 2/12/2014.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Edible Arrangements Giveaway

We have below a review and giveaway for Edible Arrangements. The review is courtesy of Rosey the Coupon Coach. She's the "I" in the review. I've always wondered if the strawberries they cover with chocolate are the ones that don't look so good. Their baskets do look nice. Our giveaway here runs until 2/17 at 9pm EST and is US-only. Good luck.
Enter to win a Valentine's Day Bouquet from Edible Arrangements. Ends 2/17.

Valentine's Day Bouquet

Is your mouth watering yet?  The perfect Valentine's Day gift for someone special in your life - an Edible Arrangements Valentine's Day Bouquet!

I love fresh fruit and chocolate covered fresh fruit is my favorite treat. This arrived all wrapped up in beautiful cellophane with a bright red bow and a lovely message from the local Edible Arrangements store in Mt. Laurel, NJ where corporate sent my order to be filled.  

Monster Fish Sweepstakes

The gang over at Bass Pro Shops are giving away a really nice $22,000+ boat. I'll never win it, but it never hurts trying. You can try too. Entries accepted until 4/15/14. 21+. They also have a giveaway for a Fishing Trip of a Lifetime to Panama, too.

Mrs. Fields Cookie Review & Giveaway

We have below a review and giveaway for Mrs. Fields cookies. The review is courtesy of Rosey the Coupon Coach. She's the "I" in the review. I really think the Cookie Monster would be such a great spokesperson for Mrs. Fields. Perhaps another time. Our giveaway here runs until 2/22 at 9pm EST and is US-only. Good luck.
Enter the Mrs. Fields Cookie Giveaway. Ends 2/22.
Who doesn't love cookies?  I don't know anyone who can honestly say they do not love a good soft and delicious cookie.  Better yet receiving a beautiful Valentine's tin or any delicious gift from the Mrs. Field's collection is a treat for anyone who receives it.

I have to admit I had never tasted a Mrs. Field's cookie prior to doing my review.  There are no Mrs. Field's cookie stores in my immediate area that I am aware of so this was truly a new experience for me.

Fergus Ferry Giveaway

We're beyond these books in our house but the series sounded interesting. Enter before 2/21 for your chance to win. US residents only. Good luck.

Welcome to the Fergus Ferry Giveaway!

Hosted by:  Mostly Together Mommy

Fergus Ferry is a loveable children's book series that follows Fergus on his many adventures. Your child will be inspired by Fergus's great attitude and willingness to help those around him.

These books are ideal for children in the 2 - 6 year old age range. The books are sweet and your children will be asking for more and more. Luckily, there are four book sets, with six books in each set! You can read a full review from Mostly Together Mommy.

Tom and Jerry: Mouse Trouble DVD Giveaway

Yes, I old enough to have grown up with Tom & Jerry. I watch the show every now and again on the Cartoon Network. It is funny watching it so many years later. They're a big laugh still. Want to win your own copy of the DVD set? Enter before the end of 2/27. You won't want to miss this.

Tom And Jerry: Mouse Trouble
DVD Giveaway

Enter to win the Tom and Jerry: Mouse Trouble DVD Giveaway. Ends 2/27.

Along With
Proudly Bring You

Tom and Jerry: Mouse Trouble DVD

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pictures On Gold Heart Locket Giveaway

We've had a few Pictures on Gold giveaways. Here's yet another one. If you won one of the other ones, don't enter this one so others can win... :) We're open to US and Canada residents here. Enter before 2/20. Good luck.
Welcome to the Pictures On Gold Heart Locket Giveaway
Sponsored by:
Enter the Pictures On Gold Heart Locket Giveaway. Ends 2/20.
You can connect with on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest
Just for my readers you can save 10% with Promo Code valentine2014 for all orders placed on the website

Hot or Not App Review and $1,000 Giveaway

Hot or Not App
An early web site I recall was dubbed Hot or Not. It showed an uploaded picture and you rated it from 1 to 10. As the uploader, it played up your ego typically, though if people didn't like the picture, you might not appreciate it too much. Different versions of the site came about, with risque pictures being one of the more popular versions.
hot or not logo
Now, Hot or Not has been rebranded in the app word. The Hot or Not app, for the iPhone, iPad, or Android will allow you to connect up with your Facebook friends and friends of friends easily, and rate them.

To start, you must connect the app to your Facebook account. It wants to access your public profile, friend list, email address, birthday, interest, likes, current city, photos, and videos.

Once you connect the account, it is time for the rating. It shows you profiles closest to you first. When looking at a specific profile, you can rate the person hot (heart icon) or not (X icon). There is no numerical ranking, basically just a thumbs up or down. There isn't even a skip option. You can filter the profiles by gender or age, though.

Tip Hero’s Chromebook Blogger Opp

I could use one of these machines now but here's a chance for bloggers to sign up for a giveaway event where the prize is a Chromebook. Free if you have 5,000 Facebook fans and post an announcement. For that, you'll get a free Twitter or Pinterest link. Come back in a week if you want to win. See you there.

Tip Hero’s Chromebook Giveaway Event Sign up for the Tip Hero’s Chromebook Giveaway Event. Sign-ups close 2/10. 
Sign-ups are now open for Tip Hero’s latest giveaway event!
  • Event is free to join for bloggers who a.) have Facebook pages with at least 5,000 likes and b.) post an announcement on their blog. If you don't wish to post the announcement, please send the $5 non-post fee to
  • You'll receive 1 free link for participating (either Twitter or Pinterest)
  • Additional links (RSS/Email, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) are available for $5 each. Facebook links are now available for $15 each.
  • Sign-ups for this event close on February 10th
  • Event runs from February 13th - February 26th
  • Prize: Acer C720 Chromebook (ARV: $199)

Mega Gift Card Giveaway Blogger Opp

Do you think you're readers are in need of some bedding? Here's a chance for them to win gift cards for bedding from White Mountain. Only 20 bloggers accepted. Free Twitter, Pinterest, or Bloglovin link. Come back in March to win. It will be open worldwide.
Sign up for the Mega Gift Card Giveaway Event. Starts 3/1.

Sponsored by: Allergy Buyers Club

White Mountain Textile Bedding Gift Cards
First Prize-$250
Third Prize-$100

This is a World Wide event; everyone is welcome to enter!!

Country Bob's Sauce Giveaway

A trio of winners in this giveaway. Have you ever tried Country Bob's? Many years ago, I had gotten a coupon for a free bottle. I couldn't find it anywhere nearby. Perhaps times have changed and they're more readily available. Enter if you dare, before end of 2/27. Good luck.

Enter the Country Bob's Sauce Giveaway. Ends 2/27
Holiday Contest and Sweeps
Along With

Proudly Brings You The

Country Bob's Sauce Giveaway

3 - Winners will each receive a Country Bob's Assorted Gift Box

Winter Getaway Wheelie Giveaway

Enter the Winter Getaway Wheelie Giveaway. Ends 4/8.
Here's a simple giveaway for you to enter to win a wheelie bag of your choice from Beatrix NY. Register by April 8, 2014.

Mrs. Fields & Ring Pop Giveaway

Looking to pick up some goodies to hand out for Valentine's Day? Well, these won't arrive in time. But, they are still some sweet treats, cookies from Mrs. Fields and some Ring Pops. It has been a while since I've had a ring pop. What about you?? US entries until 2/15.
Welcome to the Mrs. Fields & Ring Pop Giveaway
Sponsored by: Mrs. Fields & Ring Pop
Enter to win the Mrs. Fields & Ring Pop Giveaway. Ends 2/15.

The Love Letter Box comes with a sampler of 24 assorted Nibblers® bite-sized cookies, 18 assorted brownie bites, and two heart frosted cookies. There is also an option for assorted with out nuts.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Ring Pop is offering an exchange box of 22 incredibly delicious Valentine’s Day themed candies. Each Ring Pop is packaged individually in a cute, customizable wrapping so you can personalize a message to each and every one of your Valentine’s this year!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Travel the World Giveaway

Travel the world from home with a monthly escape box. Definitely cheaper than flying all over the place. Doesn't exactly replace the real thing but sounds like an interesting giveaway to try to win. Seven winners actually. Continental US residents have until 2/20 to register to win. Good luck.
Enter the Travel the World from Home Giveaway. Ends 2/20.
7 Winners - Escape Monthly Box
ARV $350
Hosted by:

Billy Joel Live at Fenway Giveaway

Enter to win tickets to the BIlly Joel concert at Fenway Park on June 26th, 2014.
Local giveaway here. This time for a concert at Fenway Park. I've been there for baseball but never for anything else like ice hockey or a concert. There is even football planned for there in 2015 (BC vs. Notre Dame). With that said, here's your chance to win tickets to the Billy Joel concert, coming June 26th, 2014. Enter before noon on February 10th.

Cupid's Arrow Target Gift Card Giveaway

What seems like a rare giveaway open Worldwide we have today, This time for two $50 Target gift cards, ending midnight CST on 2/19. Want to win? Enter now.
Enter to win one of two $50 Target GCs in the Cupid's Arrow Target Gift Card Giveaway. Ends 2/19 12 am CST.
Welcome to the Cupid's Arrow Target Gift Card Giveaway sponsored by Dictated and Segment and hosted by The Parenting Patch!

February 14 is approaching fast. Valentine's Day will be here and gone before you know. In celebration of the holiday love, how would you like to win $50 straight from Cupid's arrow to spend at Target?

Iconic TV on DVD Giveaway

I watched too much TV growing up. Here's a chance to win DVDs for 9 TV series that were supposedly iconic. I say supposedly as I don't remember the Dilbert series being that great/iconic. What do you think? Care to when them all? Enter before end of 2/27 for your chance to win. Good luck.

Enter to win the Iconic TV on DVD Giveaway. Ends 2/27.

Mill Creek Entertainment

Along With

Proudly Brings You

Iconic TV on DVD Giveaway #IWantMyMcTv

Wireless Floating Speaker Giveaway

I've had various reviews and giveaways here for speakers. This one looks like an interesting one. No pool here but would work well there if you had one. Do you want to win? Enter before the end of 2/27 for your chance to win. Good luck.

Wireless Floating Indoor/Outdoor
Speaker with Transmitter Giveaway

Holiday Contest and Sweeps
Along With

Proudly Bring You The

Wireless Floating Speaker Kit Giveaway

3 - Winners each will receive a Speaker Kit

LED Lantern Giveaway

Next up is a giveaway for a flameless lantern, the decorative kind. Definitely not for camping. Enter before end of 2/27 for your chance to win. US48 only. Good luck.

Flameless LED Lantern with Timer
Enter to win the LED Lantern Giveaway. Ends 2/28 12 am.
Holiday Contest and Sweeps
Along With

Proudly Bring You The

Flameless LED Lantern w/Timer Giveaway

3-Winners each Win a Lantern

Enhance the beauty of your home safely without the worry of an open flame with this long-lasting battery-powered LED light source. The LED light will glow through the real frosted glass lampshade and flicker like a real candle. Includes automatic timer for your convenience -- 6 hours on, 18 hours off. Features sturdy base with decorative handle. Place on a mantle or table and enjoy the ambiance with peace of mind.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Camillus Cut Out for Adventure Sweepstakes

Enter the Camillus Cut Out for Adventure Sweepstakes
I love ATV giveaways. I'd love to win one of course. Here's your chance to win one, too. Grand prize includes a 2014 Fully-Loaded Polaris Sportsman XP 850. Total value of grand prize package is $13,000. Enter before June 15, 2014. Good luck.

Lugz Boots Review and Giveaway

We have another giveaway for some Lugz boots. Past ones have been popular so I thought I'd help Rosey the Coupon Coach promote this next one. The review below is from her (she is the "I" in the review). She seems to really like the boots. Win and you can really like them, too. The giveaway runs until Valentine's Day and is US only. Good luck.

Enter to win a pair of Lugz boots. Ends 2/14.
Meet Wenona - I am in love!!

Are these not the most adorable boots you have every seen?    You all know I have a big shoe obsession and these boots fit the bill!

Wenona is just one of the many fabulous boots in the new Lugz collection.  Lugz boots and shoes for men, women and children can be found at - be sure to check out the many colors and styles available.

Paddy O'Shea's Golf Card Game Review + Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Enter to win your own Paddy O'Shea's Golf Card Game. Ends 2/18/14.
Looking for a new family card game to play at home? I recently had a chance to try out the Paddy O'Shea's Golf Card Game. It is meant to be played with 2-6 players, ages 10 and up. Age-wise, that's probably about right. I tried to play the game with my seven year old and the instructions were just too complicated for him to follow.

GiftCardRescue $50 Target Gift Card Giveaway

Have you ever used Gift Card Rescue to purchase discounted gift cards? I frequently look to see if I can get a discount on the grocery gift cards. Its a great way to save without even cutting out coupons, or to save even more than just coupons. See what they have to offer and try to win a $50 Target GC in the process. 2/24 ending. US48 only. Good luck.

Enter to win the GiftCardRescue Giveaway for a $50 Target Gift Card. 2/21

Along With

Proudly Brings You The

GiftCardRescue $50 Target Gift Card

1 - Winner will receive a $50 Target Gift card

Holiday Contest and Sweeps is honored to have the opportunity to
bring you another great giveaway from Gift Card Rescue. If you
have gift cards laying around or in your wallet that you never use
and still has monetary value on them, then turn them into cash or
trade them in for a gift card that you will actually use at over 
350 merchants to choose from.