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Monday, December 8, 2014

Walmart Does Guardians of the Galaxy Toys #CollectiveBias #OwnTheGalaxy

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Guardians of the Galaxy

With the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie on DVD tomorrow (12/9), don't miss out on all the toys that go with it. These are sure to be hot this holiday season for the fan of GOTG. They are all available from Walmart and
I found GOTG goodies at multiple displays. The mid-aisle display included costumes of Rocket Racoon and Starlord for a $12.97 price, which wasn't bad.

In the aisle, the GOTG items were spread out, interspersed with Spiderman, the Ninja Turtles, and a few other friends
I was tempted to get one of the Big Blastin' Rocket Raccoons but decided against due to the sounds it makes. While I'm off at work, I think my wife might have killed me after hearing that one too many times.
What I ended up getting was some of the smaller figurines. The item on the far right goes together with another piece of blue plastic you can barely see on the backside of the figures. One  of their weapons. I don't know if I'd say ADULT assembly required though.
Another place you need to make sure you look for is the Lego aisle. This had the most expensive toy, but several sets were available at different price points. At $17.97 is the Starblaster Showdown with two ships. At $36.97 is the Knowhere Escape Mission (shown below), and at $69.97 is the Milano Spaceship Rescue. I almost grabbed the latter but felt I would have ended up building it all. With the midsize one, we'd have more luck with my son building it himself, or with minimal help from dad. There was only one Starblaster Showdown left and the box was totally smashed so I suspect that might be the most popular, especially at that price point.
Here's the two items I ended up picking up.
And the figures and weapon ready for action. We'll be building the Lego set one day soon still. Perhaps after watching the DVD once that comes out. The Lego set includes three mini-figures, Rocket Raccoon, Nebula and the Sakaaran. There is also the larger Groot figure.
Walmart Giftcard
One last thing to watch for... In this week's Walmart ad (12/7-12/13), the cashier will give you a $5 gift card if you buy any of the Guardians of the Galaxy figures in the Disney Infinity set: Groot, Drax, or Rocket Racoon!

Don't miss out on getting any of the Guardians of the Galaxy toys if your child is a fan of the movie, and save that $5 if you buy the Disney Infinity figures. Then create a family movie night and enjoy the new DVD. Also coming out will be a Guardians of the Galaxy Zinepak. We've reviewed these in the past from past events/movies like How to Train Your Dragon 2. This one will be 65 pages with cast and crew interviews, exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and trivia PLUS a custom “cassette” laptop decal. Do share how you plan on enjoying the new DVD release.

Signing off with... I am Groot.

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  1. I didn't know Legos were part of the toys from this movie--they'll make a great Christmas gift. Thank you for sharing!

  2. My grandson would just love this. I will check these out the next time I am at Walmarts

  3. These are all great toys and I think my boy needs a few of them under our Christmas tree this year! #client

  4. Guardians of the Galaxy toys would make great Christmas gifts. Thank you for sharing this post.