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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Take the Tech Timeout Challenge this Holiday

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Take the Tech Timeout Challenge this Holiday
Do you and/or your child(ren) spend too much time heads down with your face in a device? Can you get through a meal without picking up your mobile phone to check fopr messages? Do you "chat" more through Facebook status updates than in person? Take the Foresters Tech Timeout Challenge and pledge to disconnect once a day for a week. Fill the time with low-tech activities like board games, volunteering, playing outdoors, or just talking to each other.

Foresters launched the Tech Timeout initiative over a year ago and you can stop by their web site to see how it has affected different families. Are you ready to take the pledge yourself?
In our household, technology is very prevalent. Between mobile phones, laptops, television, and tablet (LeapFrog). To get away from it all, we tended to have outdoor play time, or board games. As its gotten colder, lately, we've been cooking together more in the kitchen. My son seems to enjoy helping out, especially after taking a cooking class at the local Whole Foods. After seeing what kids can do on Master Chef Junior, my wife and I are getting more comfortable having our son help out. It might be as simple as slathering some ribs with sauce or peeling some carrots, but besides letting the kids help out, it gives you time to do something together without the technology.

With the holidays upon us, perhaps its time to take the challenge yourself.

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